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Large 19th Cent French Cushion Mirror

Ref 12929

Large Mid 20th Cent French Ebonised Enfilade / Buffet

Ref 12855

Pair of 19th Cent Napoleon III Upholstered Armchairs

Ref 12174

Large Late 19th Century Armchair

Ref 11473

Very large Early C20th French Sofa / bench

Ref 12913

French 19th Century Folding Screen

Ref 11298

1940s French Bleached Oak Trestle Table

Ref 12454

1940s French Occasional Painted Chair

Ref 12568

French 1950s Brass Standard Lamp

Ref 11304

Louis XIV Period Walnut Provincial Commode

Ref 12009

Pair of Early 19th Cent French Granite Lion Feet

Ref 3235

1940s French Coffee Table by Andre Margat & Maurice Rinck

Ref 12836

Early 20th Cent French Ebonised Occasional Table

Ref 12583

Charming 19th cent French Vigneron Table

Ref 12355

Pair of Circa 1910 French Painted Armchairs

Ref 11797

18th Cent French Ebonised Commode

Ref 12729

A French 1940's faux bamboo standard lamp.

Ref 5669

Fine quality pair of 19th century French Table Lamps

Ref 7027

Pair of Early 19th cent French Empire Armchairs

Ref 12737

Stylish Mid 20th cent Italian Coffee Table in the style of Willy Rizzo

Ref 12075

Circa 1900 French Painted Breakfront Enfilade

Ref 11988

Pair of 1970s Marble Table Lamps by Maison Charles

Ref 12801

Large 19th Century French Walnut Canterbury

Ref 11429

Fine Empire Style Ebonised Desk, Circa 1900

Ref 11248

Fine quality C19th French Painted Sofa in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 11193

A Pair of French Carved Giltwood Wall-Lights, 18th Century

Ref 10640

Fine pair of 19th cent French Armchairs

Ref 12647

Wonderful Pair of Circa 1900 French Painted Daybeds

Ref 12144

Wonderful 1940s French Two Seater Sofa

Ref 12915

Early C19th painted Oil on Canvas of the Pond du Gard

Ref 12700

Large Set of 10 French Os de Mouton Dining Chairs

Ref 12903

Good pair of 1960s French Sofa / Ocassional Tables

Ref 12919

Early 19th Cent French Lit en Bateau ( Single Bed )

Ref 12358

Outstanding Pair of C18th and Later Bookcases / Display Cabinets

Ref 12824

Pair of Circa 1930s french Painted Armchairs

Ref 12909

19th century French Toile Table Lamp

Ref 12120

1950s French Six Arm Chandelier

Ref 12676

Outstanding Early 19th cent French Directoire Bookcase

Ref 11892

Early 19th cent French Mahogany Gueridon

Ref 12888

1940s Table Lamp by Etienne Kohlmann

Ref 12450

Elegant French 19th Century Sofa

Ref 11031

18th Cent French Louis XVI Walnut Commode

Ref 12658

1940s Table attributed to Gilbert Poillerat ( 1902-1988)

Ref 11363

1970s Brass and Glass Coffee table

Ref 11174

19th Cent French Louis philippe Three Tier Dumb Waiter

Ref 12516

Set of Four C19th Carved Claws adapted as candlesticks

Ref 11759

19th cent French Lit en bateau ( Single Bed )

Ref 12353

Wonderful 19th century Bleached Oak Armoire

Ref 12638

Large Late 19th cent Grand Tour Plaster Urn

Ref 12631

A Fine Late Louis XVI Mahogany Tric-Trac Table

Ref 10646

Pair of Art Deco Garden Gates

Ref 12077

1960s French Printed Tapestry of a Harbour Scene

Ref 12187

Early 19th cent French Console Table

Ref 12269

Fine pair of Early 19th Century French Directoire Table Lamps

Ref 7261

Pair of 1950s French Rosewood Commodes

Ref 12229

1970s Brass & Glass Two Tier Coffee Table

Ref 11263

Large 1920s French Painted Planter

Ref 12636

Large 19th century Bleached Oak Mirror

Ref 12074

1940s/50s French Glass Table Lamp

Ref 12724

Fine 18th Cent French Louis XVI Mahogany Commode

Ref 12609

18th Cent French Enfilade in Cherry wood

Ref 12282

Late 19th cent French Silver Gilt Mirror

Ref 12501

Circa 1950s French Table Lamp in the Style of Maison Charles

Ref 12853

Pair of French Directoire Style Painted Fauteuils

Ref 12489

Superb 19th century French Walnut Dinning Table of large proportions

Ref 12835

Pair of 1940s French Painted Side Chairs

Ref 12695

An Original Suite of French Mid-Century Formica Kitchen/Dining Furniture

Ref 10435

Pair of 1970s French Wall Lights

Ref 11134

Late 19th Cent French Walnut Stool

Ref 12000

Pair of 1950s French Occasional / Bedside Tables

Ref 12664

Fine 19th Cent French Gilded Settee

Ref 12561

Early 20th Cent French Guillotine for Cigars

Ref 6249

19th Cent French Napoleon III Coromandel and Bone Inlaid Desk

Ref 12894

Wonderful 18th cent French Walnut Commode

Ref 12877

Set of Eight 1940s French Dining Chairs

Ref 12705

Exceptional and Rare Late 18th Cent French Walnut Commode

Ref 12886

Pair of Late 19th/ Early 20th Cent French Mixing Ceramic Bowls

Ref 7519

Late C19th French Bookcase of small proportions in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 12200

Early 19th cent Burr Elm French Commode

Ref 12320

French Early 20th Century Painted Terracotta Pug

Ref 11515

18th cent French Sarcophagus Shaped Commode

Ref 12315

1970s French Coffee Table

Ref 11185

Unusual 19th cent Baccarat Sulphide Glass Paperweight of Napoleon

Ref 6321

Wonderful Concave Walnut Buffet Attributed to Maison Jansen

Ref 12820

Pair of Early 19th cent French Mahogany Fauteuils

Ref 12522

Late 19th/ Early 20th Cent French Silver Plated Tray

Ref 12550

1940s French Twelve Light Chandelier

Ref 11483

19th Century French Walnut Commode

Ref 11137

18th Century French Moustier Plate

Ref 5931

Mid 20th Cent Cast Iron Console Table in the manner of Giacometti

Ref 12655

Early C19th Double Column Empire Walnut Console Table

Ref 12497

Fine Pair of 19th cent Gilt Bronce Candlesticks

Ref 12238

1950s French Occasional / Coffee Table

Ref 11262

Superb 19th century French Painted Canvas

Ref 12303

Large 19th Cent French Ebonised Mirror

Ref 12509

Circa 1900 French Painted Marquise in the Louis XV taste

Ref 12697

Decorative Set of 1930s Lacquer Tables

Ref 11802

Outstanding 19th Cent French Mahogany Cartonnier

Ref 12010

Unusual Circa 1900 Occasional Table and Stools

Ref 12263

Early C19th Burr Ash Drinks Cooler Table / Planter

Ref 12739

Pair of 19th Cent French Painted Fauteuils

Ref 12455

Early 19th cent French Commode

Ref 11790

Pair of Louis XV Style Painted Armchairs

Ref 11299

Early 20th Cent Cafe des Sports French Metal Sign

Ref 11998

Late 19th cent French Childs Armchair

Ref 12512

Circa 1900 French Daybed in the Directoire taste

Ref 12696

Great 1930s French Bronze & Crystal Chandelier

Ref 11459

Unusual 1960s Metal Ceiling Light

Ref 11467

Very Unusual 1940s Leather and Cast Iron Desk

Ref 12274

Rare 19th Cent French Zinc Bulls Head

Ref 12496

Circa 1900 French Ebonised Desk

Ref 12513

19th Cent French Charles X Commode in Birdseye Maple

Ref 12884

Circa 1900/1920s French Wrought Iron Console Table

Ref 12202

Large 19th cent French Gilt Oval Mirror

Ref 11989

Early 19th cent French Walnut Empire Armchair

Ref 12669

Wonderful Late C19th French Parquetry Gueridon

Ref 12299

Late 18th/ early 19th cent Wooden Mounted Capitel

Ref 11916

1920s French Ebonised Desk in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 12670

1940s French Console Table

Ref 12449

19th cent French Mahogany Gueridon

Ref 12186

Follower of Louis Ferdinand Elle I

Ref 5753

1950s Baccarat Champagne/ Wine Bucket

Ref 12901

Exceptional Napoleon III Ebony and Brass inlaid Desk

Ref 12713

Stylish 19th Century French Ash Console Table

Ref 11869

Pair of Late 19th cent Faux marble Terracotta Urns

Ref 12515

1940s French Gilt wrought Iron Standing Lamp

Ref 10957

Very Stylish French 1960s Chrome & Glass Shelves

Ref 11474

Late 19th cent Ebonised and brass inlay Desk by Maison Krieger

Ref 12681

19th cent French Country Armchair

Ref 12452

Circa 1900 French Marble Top Parisian Gueridon

Ref 12317

Good pair of 19th Cent French Gilded Mirrors

Ref 12925

Louis XVI Style Ebonised Side TAble

Ref 11150

Pair of 1940s French Wine/ Occasional Tables

Ref 12503

Very Stylish 1960s Coffee Table

Ref 12281

Stylish pair of Circa 1960s/70s French standing lights

Ref 7169

Large Pair of 1930s French Table lamps

Ref 12753

Pair of French Limed Oak Stools or Benches

Ref 11004

A very unusual Circa 1920s French or Italian Flower Stand

Ref 12716

1950s French Leather Table Lamp

Ref 4333

Great Set of Four 19th century Silk Damask Panels

Ref 11837

Very Unusual Napoleon III French Club Chair

Ref 12897

Large Pair of 19th cent Table Lamps

Ref 11941

Classic Pair of 1940s French Club Chairs

Ref 11261

Pair of French Ebonised Bedside Tables in the Louis XI taste

Ref 12663

Unusual 1950s French Metal Occasional Table

Ref 11345

1920s French Ebonised Desk in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 12728

Late 19th/ early 20th cent French Marble Urn

Ref 11066

A Wonderful 17th Century Carved Wooden Figure of Christ

Ref 10418

18th Cent French Louis XVI Dressing Table

Ref 12667

1970s French Gilt-Bronze and Perspex Coffee Table

Ref 11453

Large 18th Cent French Faience Plate

Ref 6349

Small Louis XVI Revival Mahogany Lamp Table

Ref 11659

Large pair of Early 19th Cent Lion Feet

Ref 3236

Fine Pair of 19th cent French Walnut Bergeres

Ref 12923

19th Century French Giltwood Mirror

Ref 11933

Early 19th century French mahogany writing Table

Ref 12520

Wonderful and large 18th Cent French Terracotta Lion

Ref 6891

Original 1960s Maison Charles Table Lamp

Ref 12802

19th Century Painted Bergeres

Ref 10863

18th cent French Oak Commode

Ref 11176

1940s French Garden Table

Ref 12289

Pair of Late 19th Cent French Ebonised Night Stands

Ref 12544

Early 19th Cent French Walnut Commode

Ref 12914

Good Set of 10 French Painted Dining Chairs

Ref 12746

Charming Early to Mid 20th Century French Bleached Side Table

Ref 7392

Pair of 1920s French Circular Stools

Ref 12703

Early 19th century French Walnut Long case Clock

Ref 12597

1980s French Table Light

Ref 11961

Outstanding Early 20th Cent Parisian Bank of Drawers

Ref 12732

Pair of Late 19th Cent Louis XVI Bergere Armchairs

Ref 12698

Pair of Early C19th French Empire Armchairs in Walnut

Ref 12665

Pair of Early 20th Cent French Louis XVI Revival Painted Armchairs

Ref 12490

18th Century Provencal Truffle Dish

Ref 11398

Wonderful 1940s Six Arm Chandelier

Ref 11771

A Rare pair of 19th cent French “Beauceron” Cast Iron Dogs

Ref 12188

Good Pair of 1940s Ebonised Bedside Tables

Ref 11893

Fine Louis XVI Style Early 19th Cent French Ebonised Commode

Ref 12934

Circa 1900/1920s French Bank of France Desk

Ref 12622

Small C19th French Brass Bound ebonised Display Cabinet

Ref 12928

Wonderful Late 19th / Early 20th cent French Centre Table with a slate top

Ref 12624

C19th French Bleached walnut and fruitwood desk

Ref 12918

Unusual Pair of 1950s French Armchairs in Faux Snakeskin

Ref 12182

Pair of French 19th Century Armchairs

Ref 11242

Large Pair of French Oak Armchairs

Ref 11800

19th Cent French Mirror

Ref 12199

Outstanding Early 19th cent French Empire Bed

Ref 11890

Large 19th cent Silver gilded Mirror

Ref 12461

French Mid 20th cent Standing light

Ref 12510

Pair of 1970s Chrome and Black Lacquer Armchairs

Ref 12426

Smart Pair of Art Deco Bedside Tables

Ref 11782

Very Smart 1930s French Leather Armchair

Ref 12852

19th cent French Coffee Table

Ref 12458

Pair of 1960s French Adjustable Wall Lights

Ref 12707

Circa 1900 French Work Table

Ref 12192

Wonderful Pair of 1930s French Armchairs in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 12623

Unusual Pair of 1950s French Carved & Painted Wooden Table

Ref 11778

Fine Late 18th/ Early C19th French Window Seat in Walnut

Ref 12585

Fine Louis XVI Mahogany and Brass Mounted Commode

Ref 12668

Outstanding Art Deco 10 Light Bronze Chandelier

Ref 12744

Late 19th/ early 20th Cent Naive Painting

Ref 11347

1940s Pine Dining Table in original paint

Ref 12565

Mid 20th Cent French, Leather Desk Set

Ref 4352

Late 19th Century French Jardinieres

Ref 11415

Stylish Pair of 1940s French Consoles

Ref 11715

Smart Set of Fench Brass-Inlaid Quartetto Tables

Ref 11156

Interesting 1950s Leather Cabinet

Ref 11809

1970s French Red Lacquer glass & Brass Side Tables

Ref 12235

Unusual French 1970s Gilt-Brass Occasional Table

Ref 11452

French Art Deco Style Limed Oak Extending Dining Table

Ref 11826

Pair of 19th cent French Candlesticks adapted as table Lamps

Ref 12898

Late 18th Cent French Louis XVI Tilt Top Table

Ref 12608

Collection of Late 18th/ Early 19th cent Mirrors

Ref 12659

Classic Pair of 1940s French Club Chairs

Ref 11433

Fine C19th French Louis XVI Style Marquise Armchair

Ref 12570

1950s Lotus Bud Table Lamp by Maison Charles

Ref 12803

Pair of Maison Bagues Wall Lights

Ref 11813

Stylish 1950s French Table Lamp with the Original Shade

Ref 7577

1930s French Console Table of Small Proportions

Ref 12704

Wonderful 1950s French Curved Sofa

Ref 11791

Fine pair of 1940s Armchairs

Ref 12142

Fine Pair of 1950s French Ceramic Wall Lights / Wall Hangings

Ref 11468

19th Cent French Mahogany Gueridon

Ref 12673

Pair of Mid C20th French Side Tables from the Ritz in Paris

Ref 12560

A 1930s French Ebonised Desk

Ref 10857

1930s French Three Light Chandelier

Ref 6503

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Bagues Wall Lights

Ref 12268

Unusual Mid to Late C20th Standing Light in the shape of a Tree

Ref 12749

19th Century Italian Gueridon

Ref 11191

Good Pair of 19th century Terracotta Garden Urns

Ref 11423

Fine 19th Cent French Gilded Console Table

Ref 12453

Maison Jansen Occasional Table

Ref 11896

Fine Louis XV Style French Desk

Ref 11690

18th Cent French Chestnut Sofa/ Bench from Bordeaux

Ref 12907

Stylish 1950s French Leather Commode

Ref 11308

Large Pair of Maison Jansen Attributed Cast Bronze Pier Mirrors

Ref 12902

Louis Philippe Mahogany Tripod Table, 1830s

Ref 10846

Early 19th century French Mirror

Ref 11944

A French Architectural Pine Mirror

Ref 10397

1970s French Leather Bottle Holder

Ref 12706

1930s French Hall Bench in Vellum

Ref 12795

Pair of Mid 20th Cent French Ebonised Bedside Tables

Ref 12540

Late 19th Cent French Painted Duchesse Brisée

Ref 12694

Fine Pair of 19th century French Painted Fauteuils.

Ref 12933

1970s Wrought Iron & Leather Log / Magazine Rack

Ref 12709

Pair of Early 19th cent French Empire Painted Armchairs

Ref 11994

Wonderful and Large 19th Cent Painted Display Cabinet

Ref 12599

Set of Four 1920s French Painted Armchairs

Ref 12893

Pair of Small Louis XVI style Ebonised Bedside Tables

Ref 12633

Pair of 1920s French Occasional Tables

Ref 11337

Superb 1930s Art Deco Onyx Dining Table

Ref 11953

1940s French Architectural Model

Ref 12456
The French have always been known for their classy antiques.  French art follows the footsteps of the French architecture which has always been their forte. Just as French architecture is often extravagant and beautiful and so too is the style of many French antiques. After inspiration from the Gothic styles the French art began to take shape under the Italians influence.
On our website we have a wide variety of French antiques including Antique French Mirrors, French furniture, Chairs etc.  Browse through our stock of French antiques that showcase the excellent French styles including dressing tables, wardrobes, French console & lamp, coffee tables, French wall lights and more.