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Wonderful and large 18th Cent French Terracotta Lion

Ref 6891

French Bleached Oak Console Table, circa 1900

Ref 10933

1930s French Three Light Chandelier

Ref 6503

Large 18th Cent French Faience Plate

Ref 6349

Circa 1950s/60s French Standing Light

Ref 7164

A French Circular Brass Drinks Trolley, 1950s

Ref 10650

A Pair of French Carved Giltwood Wall-Lights, 18th Century

Ref 10640

A 1930s French Ebonised Desk

Ref 10857

A Fine Late Louis XVI Mahogany Tric-Trac Table

Ref 10646

Pair of Mid-20th Century French Root-Wood Occasional Tables

Ref 11085

An Interesting French Mid-Century Leather Armchair

Ref 10419

Late 19th/ early 20th cent French Marble Urn

Ref 11066

1960s French Glass & Chrome Standing Lamp

Ref 7649

A Good French Kingwood Writing Table, Late 19th Century

Ref 10642

Fine pair of Early 19th Century French Directoire Table Lamps

Ref 7261

Charming Early to Mid 20th Century French Bleached Side Table

Ref 7392

Fine Pair of Early 19th Century Console Tables

Ref 11022

Early 20th Cent French Boule D'escalier

Ref 5965

19th Cent French Classical Bronze Figure

Ref 7934

Napoleon III Ebonised Metamorphic Armchair

Ref 11003

Louis Philippe Mahogany Tripod Table, 1830s

Ref 10846

Stylish 19th Century Directoire Console Table

Ref 10856

An Early 19th Century Empire Walnut Commode

Ref 11091

Louis XV Style Painted Sofa, 19th Century

Ref 10886

Louis XVI Revival Brass-Mounted and Ebonised Desk

Ref 10717

19th Century French Stone Mushroom

Ref 7381

Fine quality pair of 19th century French Table Lamps

Ref 7027

Matched Pair of Napoleon III Ebonised Console Tables

Ref 10931

Elegant French 19th Century Sofa

Ref 11031

French 1970s Tole Standard Lamp

Ref 10853

A French 1940's faux bamboo standard lamp.

Ref 5669

Small Late 18th cent French Mirror

Ref 11069

A 1940's French brass standard lamp

Ref 5594

Pair of Early 19th Cent French Granite Lion Feet

Ref 3235

A French Architectural Pine Mirror

Ref 10397

Pair of French Limed Oak Stools or Benches

Ref 11004

An Original Suite of French Mid-Century Formica Kitchen/Dining Furniture

Ref 10435

1950s French Leather Table Lamp

Ref 4333

A French Carved Pine Gueridon with Red Marble Top, 19th/20th Century

Ref 10555

Wonderful 19th century French Armchair

Ref 8292

A Fine Louis XIV Walnut High-Back Sofa, Early 18th Century

Ref 10656

Large pair of Early 19th Cent Lion Feet

Ref 3236

Early 20th Cent French Guillotine for Cigars

Ref 6249

Small 18th century French Mirror

Ref 11072

C19th French Mahogany Louis Philippe Lawyers Bookcase/ Cupboard

Ref 10818

A French Louis XV Style Lacquer Commode

Ref 10692

A Patinated & Gilt Bronze Occasional Table

Ref 11028

Over-sized Pair of 1940s French Leather Club Chairs

Ref 11092

Early 19th Century French Bronze-Mounted Mahogany Commode

Ref 11089

Fine 19th Century French Double-Sided Desk

Ref 11090

Circa 1940s French Ebonised Console Table

Ref 6499

1940s French Marble Dining Table

Ref 11006

An Impressive 'Empire' Gilt-Bronze Mounted Mahogany Library Table, 19th Century

Ref 10519

Late 19th Century Large French Boule D'escalier

Ref 6036

Stylish pair of Circa 1960s/70s French standing lights

Ref 7169

Pair of 1950s/60s French Pottery sculptures

Ref 11074

A Matched Pair of French Toleware Wall Lights

Ref 10390

18th Century French Moustier Plate

Ref 5931

Large Pair of 1970s Wall Lights

Ref 10956

A Wonderful 17th Century Carved Wooden Figure of Christ

Ref 10418

Late 19th / Early 20th Cent French Syphon

Ref 6250

Louis Philippe Mahogany Bookcase

Ref 10925

Framed Children practise paper (Dated 1723)

Ref 7107

Pair of Late 19th/ Early 20th Cent French Mixing Ceramic Bowls

Ref 7519

Mid 20th Cent French, Leather Desk Set

Ref 4352

Wonderful Late 18th Cent, Louis XVI Walnut Bed

Ref 5737

Louis Philippe Mahogany Desk Chair

Ref 11008

Follower of Louis Ferdinand Elle I

Ref 5753

Early 20th Cent French Boule D'Escalier

Ref 5967

An Unusual French Brass-Inlaid Walnut Commode, Early 19th Century

Ref 10596

Unusual 19th cent Baccarat Sulphide Glass Paperweight of Napoleon

Ref 6321

A Pair of French Mahogany Console Tables, c.1950

Ref 10426

A Pair of French Gilt-Brass Side or End Tables, Mid 20th Century

Ref 10538

1940s French Gilt wrought Iron Standing Lamp

Ref 10957

Stylish 1950s French Table Lamp with the Original Shade

Ref 7577

A Good Louis XVI Revival Mahogany Side or Centre Table

Ref 10736

A Pair of Louis XV Style Lounge Chairs, c.1960

Ref 10602

French Late 18th Century Console Table

Ref 10926

A Rare Carved Oak & Marble Console Table by Marc Du Plantier, 1930s

Ref 10641

19th Century Painted Bergeres

Ref 10863

Early 19th century French Burr Walnut Commode

Ref 10953

1950s French Glazed Ceramic Vase

Ref 7273
The French have always been known for their classy antiques.  French art follows the footsteps of the French architecture which has always been their forte. Just as French architecture is often extravagant and beautiful and so too is the style of many French antiques. After inspiration from the Gothic styles the French art began to take shape under the Italians influence.
On our website we have a wide variety of French antiques including Antique French Mirrors, French furniture, Chairs etc.  Browse through our stock of French antiques that showcase the excellent French styles including dressing tables, wardrobes, French console & lamp, coffee tables, French wall lights and more.