28 September 2010

Living with country furniture, wherever you live, can be the making of your ideal home

Country House Refectory Table

Finding your country look

A beautiful piece of furniture has a kind of integrity and honesty that comes from its maker.

The design, choice of wood and the way furniture is made come together to produce a harmonious result – and nothing exemplifies this better than country furniture.

Sophisticated city designers have usually led the way in creating new styles and fashions, and country furniture makers have traditionally interpreted the best by paring down the forms to express the true essence of a look. You can see how in by viewing this 18th century bleached oak bureau.


Simple elegance, whether French, English or Scandinavian, country antique furniture has it

They have also simplified the way furniture is made. Veneers, ormolu trimmings or exaggerated detailing are replaced by solid woods, pure lines and straightforward construction, and the result is a heritage of wonderfully simple yet elegant country furniture that is ideal for our modern lifestyles. You can see this in this timeless classic 18th century French fruitwood buffet a deux corps.

Modern contemporary living spaces an really benefit from country furniture and antiques

Country tables, as well, are fabulous in contemporary rooms, where their pared down lines, say in a fruitwood piece in the Louis XV or XVI styles, look exceptional.

Country furniture makers have always used the best of locally available wood, so oak was favoured in England, pine in Scandinavia and fruitwoods in many parts of the continent. Often Swedish pieces were painted in stunning light colours to give a lift to dark interiors. For instance, take a look at this 18th century corner cupboard.

In France, furniture makers would travel from village to village making armoires, chests of drawers or tables by commission before moving on. The lustrous woods they selected were ideal for the task and equally perfect in their capacity to improve with age.

Great British country furniture – in favour and taking centre stage

In Great Britain, simple yet outstanding pieces were also created to play a part in the management of estates – tables, cupboards and grand kitchen furniture.

The sheer practicality of country furniture ensured that it was rarely discarded, and although many pieces were sidelined during the 20th century they are totally back in favour now, deservedly centre of stage again.

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