13 December 2010

Swedish Gustavian furniture – the sublime choice

Swedish Gustavian furniture Brownrigg

Never in the history of furniture making and design has there ever been such a sublime marriage as the one which took place in Sweden in 1771.

That was the year King Gustav III came to the throne and signalled the debut of ‘Gustavian’ style, a unique blend of Swedish and French sensibilities.


An interesting journey into inspiring Gustavian Antique Furniture

Gustav loved French literature and was an ardent follower of French protagonists of the Enlightenment. In 1771 he travelled to Paris, and returned deeply influenced by everything he experienced and saw – not least the furniture.

It was the start of the fabulous era of Gustavian furniture – the stunning marriage of Swedish neoclassicism and French Louis XVI styling. The wonderful designs which resulted have never been as sought after as they are today, when their combination of simplicity, sophistication and high impact makes them look so good in today’s fashionable interiors – and equally in town or country.


Recognising this style of antique furniture

At Brownrigg we are proud to be able to find wonderful examples of the genre, and right now we have an exceptional range of Swedish antiques in stock.

Our charming late 18th/early 19th century commode has that beautiful pale painted look,a fabulous shape thanks to its fluted columns and feet and lovely greco-roman motif handles. You can see this here

From the same era our very smart Swedish bureau bookcase has that delightful old soft grey colour but plenty of presence and impact. A really stunning piece to have in any room.

The key neoclassical look is equally evident in our elegant Swedish bench, and the exceptional pair of gustation stools in their original paint.

For impact look at this 19th Century Gustavian sofa with its original paint and horse hair seat – a piece that King Gustav himself would have looked on with favour.

Between them, and the many other pieces in stock, not least our range of clocks, they show off everything we love about Gustavian and Scandinavian pieces.

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