9 July 2011

Spanish Antiques and Spanish Antique Furniture

Spanish Antiques and Spanish Antique Furniture Brownrigg

At Brownrigg, with our roots in Spain, it is no wonder that we offer a fine selection of local antiques.

Pottery has been an important item in Spain for over 4,000 years. But it was the Moors who took pottery to a finer level when they introduced iridescent luster ware and tin-glazed earthenware using techniques that dazed and amazed. Originally used for decorative tiles and vases, the factories began making bowls, cups and plates when the use of silver was restricted for domestic purposes in 1601, thus changing the history of Spanish ceramic art forever.

When in the 15th Century Moorish potters in factories near Valencia changed their designs from traditional Arabic to Christian scenes Spanish ceramics became extremely popular in Europe and competed head on with the French and Italians. The Spanish faience rivalled Paris best. Even the Pope gave his royal seal of approval, marvelling over Spain ability to create such things of elegance from mere clay. With backing from the Pope,Spain soon became the foremost ceramic producer in Europe.

A favourite museum in Spain is the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorative in Madrid with its rooms furnished to recreate different historical and regional styles. Here you can study original museum pieces of Spanish antique furniture and Spanish antique ceramics.

Typical Spanish antique furniture is heavily carved and robust with over sized proportions not commonly found today. Of great note is the dark wedding chests in Moorish designs and the Catalan four poster boards. In recent years Spanish antiques have gained international popularity as their rich woods mix beautifully with modern art. At The European Fine Arts Fair 2008 (TEFAF), Spanish antiques stole the show serving power punches of antiquity against stark modern interiors. On the rise in popularity, these pieces, which are typically too large for modern day Spanish homes, are ripe for purchasing.

After Madrid and Barcelona, the next best area for Spanish antiques is Seville with its maze of narrow streets. The Alfalfa neighborhood, nearby Cabeza del Rey Don Pedro Street and adjacent streets, contains a large number of antique shops and galleries selling contemporary art. Then there is Valencia with its fine porcelain in the antique shops on the streets of Avellanas, Baja or Purisima or in the Ciutat Vella.

Brownrigg Interiors is a wonderful antique furniture shop selling Spanish antiques as well as English antiques, French antiques, Italian antiques, and Swedish antiques. Also we sell decorative antiques collectibles and decorative antique furniture that can give a fabulous new look to your home.

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