1 May 2013

Antique lighting

Antique lighting brownrigg

Though dated, antique lights provide a wonderful pairing of period décor with contemporary furnishings blending the unique and exquisite richness of the ancient lighting with the modern furniture settings. Here at Brownrigg we stock a wonderful range of antique lighting comprising wall lights/sconces, chandeliers and lanterns and much more.

Until recently, antique lighting has often been regarded as relics of the past with most discussions about them only common among the academia and the aristocratic. Now there is a sudden re-awakening to the existence of these often beautiful antiques that can be rewired to meet today’s electricity standards.

The oil lamp is the earliest and was a rustically simple absorbent wick vessel. They were produced en-masse since the early 19th century. Typically, they were made with a metal base, a burner and a glass. During the Victorian era stretching through the reign of Queen Victoria, when many artistic styles, religious movements, social and political movements as well as literary schools flourished tremendously, antique lighting such as chain-suspended chandeliers, candelabras and oil lamps existed side by side with earlier dated electric lamps. They come having great appeal with very highly decorated fixtures and graceful curves.

The ever increasing popularity of floral decorated lampshades made from ornate glass marked the most profound era in the development of lamps at the tail end of 1800 when lamps were kept for their aesthetic decorative value rather than as a functional item. Pressed glass usually with milky stripes, often referred to as slag glass, became the norm in both America and England with most popular lamp factories, then, using it to create eye-catching lamp shades. In fact, the Aladdin Industries Incorporation, in 1908, created their breakthrough oil lamp, the Aladdin lamp, touted to be so bright to the extent that none is able to duplicate its brightness.

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