5 July 2013

Decorative antiques are preferred

Decorative antiques brownrigg

Antiques can be collectibles or may even be bought as investments. But decorative antiques are mainly known and selected for their look and functionality. These can become significant items that adorn the walls or even find their places right on the dining tables adding a touch of elegance to the whole setting.

The first question that might pop in the mind of someone who is new to decorative antiques might be what all comes under this category. Anything selected for its distinct quality which can add an unusual twist to a setting can be categorized under decorative antiques. Things that were of everyday use years back now come under the decorative antiques category for their artistic appeal. These include items ranging from furniture such as rocking chairs, chests, old school cupboards to items such as rugs, books, fishing rods, mirrors and kitchen items such as old style kettles, mugs, kitchen pots, toasters, trays and jugs and a horde of other things.

The use of decorative antiques as a style of decor is as transitory as any other decorating style. But the one thing that makes it unique is the multitude of ways in which a particular item can be used and reused in different ways.

Decorative antiques can be picked up from dealers or private sellers these days. There are a number of fairs and exhibitions that are held for the sale of these items. These are also auctioned worldwide from where you can pick up the stuff of your choice as these span centuries as well as countries. The original state of these items does not really matter much as the final outcome depends on how well you manage to give it the right kind of makeover while maintaining its original feel.

If you are someone who loves to be surrounded by creativity and are not hesitant to experiment, investing in decorative antiques can add some artistic flair to your personal spaces. It can be the best way to indulge in your creative side and make your place your own style statement.

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