26 July 2013

Contemporary and classic – a Parisian Industrial Desk

a Parisian Industrial Desk brownrigg

The current design trend among interior designs sees a  mixing of different styles, harmonising contemporary and the classic designs. If you’re keen on this approach, Brownrigg has a fine collection of quality antique and vintage furniture.

One particular item that caught my eye is a Parisian industrial desk.

This French item from the 1920s or 30s is an interesting piece maintaining its original colour and quality. This polished metal desk has original brass handles and cup feet and has a wide glass top. It comes with 6 drawers and two pull out boards which can be of use for writing purposes.

Such a desk will sit very well in homes and offices alike and pairing it with a modern chair can be one option– an antique choice could be another.

The move from desktop computers with towers printers, monitors and keywords with associated wiring to the more compact laptop or tablet is heralding the revival of antique office furniture. This industrial desk is in demand since it has a wide top to it can be used to display decorative items.

Use it in its original form or customize it to match up in your personal spaces, this is one piece that will look good in any form and in any setting with a little bit of imagination.

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