4 February 2014

The joys of Swedish furniture

swedish furniture brownrigg

In the recent times, antique Swedish furniture items have started gaining a lot of popularity thanks to the appealing designs and skilled craftsmanship. These furniture items are known for their fine lines and sleek appeal and you will often find these in the shades of greys and off whites.

Much of the Swedish furniture comprises beautiful pieces that blend well with more traditional pieces of darker coloured antique furniture. Acquiring these rare and unique objets d’art will be a real joy. And to incorporate these in your home…even better!



swedish furniture brownrigg

One such beautiful Swedish furniture item in we have for sale is a very charming 18th century Swedish corner cupboard. This compact corner cupboard still retains its old paint and gilding. As with most antiques, it is the patina that has been acquired over the years that gives it its beautiful appeal and a rustic charm. This corner cupboard is sleek and classy as is common with most of the beautiful Swedish antiques; the design is more or less based on fine lines and symmetry.

There are many people who love the corners of the house and make use of these corners in creative ways. But then there are also those for whom the corners in the house are the least favorite of the places. For such people furniture items like this one are the best way to make an empty corner look beautiful as well as functional. Worth giving it a look!

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