2 April 2014

Some rare and unique Spanish antiques

Some rare and unique Spanish antiques brownrigg

Spanish pottery and ceramics go a long way back. some almost 4,000 odd years. But it was the Moorish initiative of introducing the earthenware and lusterware that changed the face of Spanish pottery and ceramics.

Since the Moors had an Islamic background the designs on the ceramics and pottery were initially restricted to their religion alone. Later around the 15th century however, more Christian scenes began to appear on these ceramics. The manufacturers started producing the various domestic wares somewhere around the 16th century such as the plates and bowls after there was a restriction on silver for everyday purpose.

Til the early 18th century, Spanish pottery was very famous amongst the French and the Italians as well. The Spanish had a way with clay that was unmatched by any other and all the items were unique portrayal of brilliant artistry. The designs were simply outstanding as is evident with each and every elegant piece of the Spanish antiques.

Some rare and unique Spanish antiques brownrigg

Wonderful Set of Early 19th Century Spanish Dining Chairs in the Original Paint

At Brownrigg we have a great selection of some very unique Spanish antiques. From the very well known ceramics and pottery to a variety of other items such as wall scones, set of dining chairs, serving platters and more. The variety is extensive and each piece features a beautiful design coupled with skilled craftsmanship and old world charm. Some of our Spanish antiques are unique and well worth checking out.

Items such as a Spanish Neo-Gothic Church tabernacle which is decorated with angels on all four corners… a rare item with beautiful detailed work. Also we stock early pieces of Spanish pottery some with minor restoration work as well as two beautiful trays or platters in the shape of a lamb and a turkey.

These are just a few amongst our collection of beautiful Spanish antiques.