22 April 2014

Antique furniture pairs – heightened impact times two

Antique furniture pairs brownrigg

We are often asked why pairs of chairs, sofas or bookcases are so sought after. Some people spend years searching for a piece to partner an existing one. But why?

The best way to answer is with illustrations from our extensive selection at Brownrigg.

Our funky, stylish 1950s English curved sofas, perfectly combined in a smaller country house room, demonstrate brilliantly how pairs can make an exceptionally dramatic statement.

antique furniture pairs brownrigg

Same applies to our outstanding pair of 19th century arching sofas by Howard and Sons in a large country house, the generously proportioned bench sofas or the 19th century Howard country house sofas.

Pairs provide symmetry, balanced proportions and elegant, clean unfussy lines in any room setting, and a majestic result in a large space.

antique furniture pairs brownrigg

Our charming pair of 19th cent French Painted Bookcases show how good a pair could look around a fireplace, in recesses or even a kitchen.

antique furniture pairs brownrigg

The elegant French cabinets/bookcases would look stunning as part of a library.

antique furniture pairs brownrigg

Pairs also add impact in a bathroom. Imagine our 1940s steel and glass cabinets in a modern or traditional bathroom setting, living space or kitchen.

Pairs of tables look fabulous on either side of sofas, and we always stock pairs of lamps to put on them.

antique furniture pairs brownrigg

Chests of drawers are very scarce in pairs. Our English chests in their original paint would deliver a clean, decluttered look wherever you put them.

antique furniture pairs brownrigg

As would the stylish yet comfortable 1930s/40s French leather armchairs.

Likewise mirrors of all descriptions for any type of house.

Good quality pairs are rare and increasingly hard to find. Our search for them is a daily one!