11 November 2014

Decorating with ceramics

Decorating with ceramics

Everyone loves ceramics – and here at Brownrigg we have a wide range of fascinating designs and colours available. Ways to use them could vary from beautiful ceramic plates as wall embellishments to an old ceramic jar used as a flower vase.

Where antique ceramics are positioned is important. Often the communal effect works well by displaying in groups or you can let an individual piece show its magic. Antiques ceramics can also be displayed together with some other eclectic antiques to create an intriguing setting. The possibilities are endless and you can easily create an enticing personal statement with these. A part of the appeal lies in creatively using them the way you perceive in their intended nature or differently.

At Brownrigg we have a wonderful collection of well chosen antique ceramics including Dutch Delft Plates, 19th Century Spanish saucer in the shape of a bird, Italian Ceramic Hand Candle Holder, Spanish Hispano Moresque ware, antique Seville pottery, 18th century French moustiers faience, antique 19th century Portuguese faience along with a good selection of 19th century antique Italian Comfit pots in glazed terracotta and more. Amongst our stock of antiques we also have had some elegant pieces from the contemporary 20th century artists like Picasso, Jean Cocteau, and also some Spanish glazed tiles by Salvador Dali. Some of our other versatile items include Wedgwood ceramics and antique glass.

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