6 July 2016

Brownrigg opens on Long Street, Tetbury


We are proud to have opened a grand antiques shop in Tetbury at 44 Long Street in a wonderful historic Georgian Town House building.

We strongly believe in the power of personal shopping where customers can visit the shop, appreciate the fine surroundings, smell the candles, touch and feel the antiques and gather valuable shopping advice from informed shop keepers

Many of Britain’s retailers have revealed falling sales from stores whilst there is a rise in online sales. Whilst we have a comprehensive website that does indeed cater for the needs on the online shopper there is nothing quite as good as being able to visit the antiques shop, see many more items at one go and how each item relates to another, see much more than can be represented in a few internet pictures, feel the quality of the product and get an accurate feel for the dimensions of the antique.

Tetbury town is a beautiful and thriving town with many shops in fine buildings. Being shops they are accessible by the public. How sad it would be if the public were not allowed to enter these historic buildings because they were converted to housing.

Do visit our shop in Long Street, Tetbury