22 December 2016

How to style a room using French armchairs

One of the most common features of the homes of the 1950s and 60s is the classic armchair. It still continues to bring in the same kind of charm to the contemporary and traditional home of today. French armchairs especially are absolute classics in the true sense of the term and are increasingly finding their way into the contemporary and traditional designs these days.

So how would you incorporate these iconic furniture items into your designs?

Here are a few tips:-

  • What is more sophisticated than a monochrome pattern in the current times? If you can lay your hands on a monochrome design … great! Or else you could always get it reupholstered.
  • Why have a sofa set that matches down to the tee? A pair of classic armchairs with your sofa set can also work pretty well. Dressing these classics in some contrasting upholstery is also a good idea.
  • Who doesn’t like a cozy corner in which to sit back, relax and put up your feet. The classic wing back chairs with an added footrest will make the perfect seating.
  • Making a comfy seating with a classic armchair isn’t restricted to the living room alone. It can bring an equal amount of style and comfort to a kitchen or bedroom as well. Adding an old world classic to the existing decor theme can bring in a new dimension to the decor.
  • How about creating a space that shows off a different age of furniture all together? Create a cozy nook with decorative antiques from the same time period to create a classic setting.
  • Many a times modern settings lack colour. There are many who prefer earthy hues in place of the brighter tones. How about adding a classic chair in a bright hue to add a blast of vibrancy to the setting bringing in a welcoming change?

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