25 January 2017

Antique mirrors make historically elegant homes

Antique mirrors

Elegant, charming and often ornate, antique mirrors are the perfect accessories to add a bit of history and character to the contemporary interiors. An antique mirror comes with an intrinsic historic appeal which is classy and elegant. To help decorate your home tastefully with just a bit of the historic air antique mirrors are one of the best ways to achieve success. These are available in plenty of styles and types right from the simple ones with clean straight lines to the rich and ornate ones that bring in with them a very regal charm.

These work fairly well in the classic as well as the contemporary styles. The worn lines and slight bumps and bruises that are acquired after years of usage only add to its characteristic appeal. At Brownrigg Interiors, we have a good collection of antique mirrors. The collection is versatile and you will find no similarity at all between two different pieces. From simple ones with straight lines to pairs and the quirkiest of the shapes there is a good variety in terms of designs and style.

Fine 19th Century Silver Gilt Mirror

A fine quality 19th century Spanish Silver gilt carved wooden frame, with the original Coat of Arms, with a later distressed mirror plate, of great proportions, that will make a statement in most settings.

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