30 March 2017

A guide to buying antique and vintage trunks

antique and vintage trunks

Antique or vintage trunks make great decorative accessories in the home and are often quite functional too. Every antique or vintage trunk is bound to have a story behind its existence and may have travelled far and wide with travellers on carriage rides or their sea voyages and witnessed history. Even vintage trunks will have their story even if it is only as a school trunks used by a boarder. Incorporated in the modern day decor these are bound to have an air of mystery and charm around them and at the same time bring in a certain elegance to the place.

Trunks have evolved with time and there are varied shapes and sizes available. Here is a small guide for you to get started with your hunt for the perfect antique trunk.

Originality is of utmost importance when looking out for suitable trunks. You should go to genuine dealers so as to ensure legitimate pieces.

Consider the replacements. Often handles and locks are replaced. This can bring down the value of the trunks to an extent. If you can lay your hands on trunks that have their original lining intact, nothing like it!

Fine quality luggage from the likes of Louis Vuitton and Goyard are amongst the most preferred items. After all the brand name mattered then and it matters now.

As is true with all the antiques and vintage items, rarity of the pieces shoots up its value. So if you are particular about value you can always keep your eyes open for the rare and the unique.

As an alternative there are plenty of attractive large suitcases available, both leather and otherwise which are in good condition. It is good to look out for quality, make and condition while searching.

Trunks and large cases are amongst some of the most sought after items and can be incorporated in the décor in a number of different ways. Not only do they look good but they are functional too. These are functional as storage, can be put used as coffee tables or lamp stands or simply displayed as accent pieces. These create some of the most visually appealing displays. At Brownrigg we have a fine variety of antique and vintage trunks and cases make form a variety of materials including the occasional crocodile skin trunk, canvas and metal like British polished steel travel trunks, Dutch iron bound trunks and a lot more. Famous labels include Louis Vuitton

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