11 September 2017

Decorating your home with antique tapestries

Antique Tapestries

Antiques in the form of furniture or decorative antiques help to create aesthetically appealing interiors. Likewise soft furnishings from the old world also make equally handy accessories that can be incorporated in the home decor. Antique tapestries make an interesting element in modern homes. Tapestries were important in the Tudor palaces and aristocratic homes. These usually adorned the austere walls of the castles giving a pictorial backdrop.

In the middle ages these had a very utilitarian function of protecting medieval rooms from the natural elements or to insulate big rooms for more comfort. Due to their size, intricacy and beauty, tapestries have become an important collector’s item and a major investment.

In today’s home these can be used to introduce an interesting feature to an otherwise bland interior. The inclusion of such period decoratives amidst modern or period furniture often gives a tasteful juxtaposition.

The dark and exotic looking wall hangiings can make an interesting addition to your bedroom creating a very mysterious fairytale feel in the bedroom. These make an eye catching and unique headboard. Framing protects the tapestries from dust and damage and again look quite appealing as a decorative item.

Take for example this tapestry of a 1920s Woolwork Picture of a Farmhouse. This is a charming and interesting woolwork picture of a farmhouse in a mountainous setting, possibly West Indian, circa 1920s, in a contemprary wooden frame.

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