8 October 2017

Swedish dining tables at Brownrigg Interiors

Swedish dining table

Quite a few Swedish designs are famous for their minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Often less is more and some fine examples of Swedish dining furniture are the perfect portrayal of simplistic elegance. The designs are basic, yet manage to capture style to their maximum. A dining room is often a place where simplicity is well appreciated. It is a place that should feel inviting, have warmth and where functionality is at its maximum.

If you are looking for a simple dining table that will fulfil all the elements of simple elegance, we have a fine example here at Brownrigg. We have a very charming, early 19th century, later painted Swedish dining table in great shape and condition. This particular table will seat six to eight people easily. You can pair it up with modern chairs or traditional as per your tastes. Since the contemporary decor is all about experimenting, you can give a fresh lick of paint to this beautiful piece to add a breath of freshness to you decor.

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