30 January 2018

Decorate your interior with antique glass

Who said a collection of decorative items should be from the same range? The magic lies in creating a space that looks eclectic and tastefully done. A room full of versatile decorative items from different eras undoubtedly looks more exciting, unique and aesthetically appealing than a space decorated with matched sets out of the retail stores.

The collected decoraive antique and vintage items will effortlessly add to the appeal of the decor. No matter how traditional or modern the space is, a blend of elements from different historic periods can introduce a character that is one of its kinds.

At Brownrigg Interiors we have a classic collection of antique glass to get you started with your collection. There are number of options to choose from. Be it a simple centre piece, a beautiful decorative to grace a table or a unique pair of glass panels to adorn empty walls, we have quite a few options. Browse our collection of old glass bottles, chemists bottles, vases, panels, candelabra and antique glass.

At Brownrigg we are constantly searching for the best antique glassware. If you are looking out for something specific do get in touch with us and we can always try to help you find that specific item.

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