4 September 2018

How to select quality antique leather trunks

quality antique leather trunks

Antique suitcases and trunks make a classic addition to any decor. From vanity units to desks, shelves or home bars, these can be used in very versatile ways adding a classic touch to the space and decor.

If you’re planning to buy some antique luggage here are a few considerations to keep in mind while buying:

  • Look for legitimate signs of age. Smell is a good indicator. No matter how much you try, a new piece will never manage to get that old worn smell of an aged piece.
  • Check the piece you are buying for cracks or tears. Hard bodied ones may have cracks due to years of use while the soft ones might have some rips in place.
  • If your antique trunk comes with latches, check if these are in working order in case you plan to make use of it for something specific.
  • Check the alignment and whether the truck opens and shuts properly.
  • Thoroughly check the insides of the trunk for linings and zippers to see whether they are functioning and in place.
  • Restoration work needs to be examined. Usually with older leather trunks any work on the piece is obvious. If the original look and design is maintained, any restoration carried out should not make a lot of difference.
  • Buying from legitimate sources such as Auctions, Antique dealers, Antique Exhibitions, Brokers, Fairs etc can ensure authenticity.
  • Valuation is very important. Always try and negotiate with the dealers for a better price.

There are a number of different styles available. Antique trunks and suitcases are usually used in very versatile ways within contemporary decor.

If you want to use it as a coffee table, a square box type trunk is what you may need. Suitcases stacked one over the other can make great side tables, for this you will need a few similar looking or complementing suitcases to stack on top of each other.

At Brownrigg Interiors we have a great collection of bespoke leather trunks and boxes that look great as tables or can also be used as storage boxes. The larger trunks especially are ideal as coffee tables and can come covered in cowhide, crocodile, tan leather or a choice of many other quality materials. The smaller versions are good as lamp stands with storage or to display your decorative accessories or picture frames.

In addition to our collection of antique and vintage luggage and boxes we can also craft bespoke trunks to suit your specifications. Visit us to know more.