10 November 2018

Selection of decorative Swedish Mora clocks

Swedish Mora clocks have a unique design, make a classic inclusion in the home and have become popular in recent years.

Mora clocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The difference in their designs depended on the region of their origin. The clocks are known for their tall and slender appearance. The designs are classic and timeless with each and every Mora clock having very unique personality traits.

The history of Swedish Mora clocks is quite peculiar! These clocks were said to have been literally born out of need. The Swedish town of Mora during the mid 17th century was experiencing financial difficulties with their agricultural and mining industries. The townspeople then got into the business of clock making to supplement their income. The work was spread out between families, with each family specialising in the production of a different part for the clocks. At the peak of its popularity, as many as 100 families were involved in the clock business. This amazing collaboration resulted in some of the most unique and everlasting designs in the clock industry which are popular even today.

These handcrafted beauties are truly one of a kind and will add character and appeal when incorporated into the modern home.

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