9 December 2018

Buy antique painted furniture at Brownrigg Interiors, UK

antique painted furniture

If you love antiques but are also after something to sit well in your contemporary decor, why not give painted antique furniture a try.

Usually an original antique piece of furniture fits well into a modern home. But there are also times when you need to find something antique and unique, but also making sure that it doesn’t look out of place.

A very traditional and ornate item in a very earthy colour tone might look totally out of place in a very modern brightly decorated space. Most antique furniture items such as the tables, chairs, armoires and chests usually come in different shades of brown.

With painted antique furniture you can enjoy a classic piece that’s had a complete makeover making sure that it complements the decor in a better way.

Be it transforming a chair, dining table or an armoire, the right paint in tone and colour, applied with care and perfection can completely revolutionise any item of furniture.

Maybe you could also consider changing the appearance of an existing item you already have, for a piece on its own to match something else.

Brownrigg Furniture has quite a few painted antique options. Browse through our site to have a look and find something that will work well in your modern space.