9 January 2019

Find a collection of antique metal statues

antique metal statues

Looking for antique metal statues or marble statues to add a touch of elegance to your home?

Look no further than Brownrigg Interiors. With us, you will find a wide variety of decorative antiques and antique furniture options including a classic range of metal statues. Our carefully selected antique statues include a classic collection of decorative marble and metal statues. These are all versatile in their potential uses, unique and in great condition.

We have pieces from the 18th and 19th century that will make stunning and attention grabbing display items for any contemporary home. Including these in your decor will make your space aesthetically appealing.

Visit us to have a look at our collection. Our website is straightforward to browse through, and you will find all items neatly segregated under different categories depending on type or origin.

Here you will also find varieties for indoors and outdoors, such as a pair of late 19th century statues, cherubs in polished metal, an Italian marble torso, Roman statues and a lot more.