9 May 2019

Browse a selection of fine Spanish ceramics & 19th Century Spanish pottery

Want to add a decorative item of interest to your home? Including some style, colour and a little bit of history? Then antique ceramics is a great way to achieve this!

You can create the most eye-catching displays using these fine pieces from the past. The wonderful thing about this is that these can be displayed in any number of ways – from traditional clusters of similar items, mixed in with modern items or a stylish and minimalist statement piece on its own.

At Brownrigg Antiques we hold a beautiful collection of ceramics, ranging from antique Hispano-Morisc pottery to 20th-century ceramic pieces from Picasso and Jean Cocteau. These are undoubtedly classic items from the past that make the most appealing decorative inclusions in your home and are at the same time proud collector’s pieces. We also have 15th to 19th Century Spanish Pottery including Alcora ceramics, 18th, and 19th Century French Faience, and 20th Century studio pottery and ceramics.

Be it a single dramatic piece, or a complimentary collection of antique ceramic or ornamental pieces showing off your style. They all make a very tasteful inclusion in your home.

Please browse through our current stock of antique ceramics, or get in touch, bold ideas and creative inspiration is what we do