11 June 2019

The beauty of painted antique chairs is now within your reach

painted antique chairs

When talk turns to the subject of antique painted furniture, you always have two extremes of opinion! There are those who gasp at even the mention of painted antique furniture and there are those who are absolutely in love with the idea of giving a breath of fresh colour to a beautiful period piece.

If you are amongst the many who would love to own a charming antique piece invigorated by a colourful twist, you’ll be surprised to find that there are quite a few antique dealers who deal in antique painted furniture. These vintage and antique pieces still completely retain their period charm, but are nevertheless very well suited to the contemporary home – and all thanks to a fresh colour tone.

But if brown shades on antiques aren’t enough to entice you, check out some exuberant lighter colours from the Brownrigg Interiors collection of beautiful antique painted furniture.

Painted antique furniture has an unquestionable appeal. Individual pieces can be painted in colours that will blend in perfectly with the theme of your decor. For pieces that have become rather more roughened up over the years, they can certainly benefit from a careful coat of paint. Indeed, certain items of antique furniture, once treated with beautiful colour tones, will bring out the best in them – in spite of the bumps and bruises.

Our collection of antique painted furniture includes English and French painted pieces, with items such as painted chairs and sofas, painted benches and storage boxes and a lot more. Painted antique furniture comes with an undeniable appeal and these charming examples in our collection are all the proof you need!

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