9 July 2019

Decorative Italian antique furniture

Decorative Italian antique furniture

Are you considering antiques of Italian origin, or want a little Italian flair?

At Brownrigg, we have good stock and very versatile Italian decorative pieces that will look great in any decor. We have antique, vintage as well as contemporary pieces, so you have the option to go classic, modern or anywhere in between!

Italian decorative antiques could be described as being quite lavish and arty but not usually being richly ornate. Our collection of Italian antiques includes some really stunning pieces of antique and vintage furniture.

While antiques will tend to suit a more traditional set up best, a carefully thought of mix of old and new can also be very effective. Our contemporary options are varied, and some are quite minimalist in design, which will look great and blend in effortlessly in a modern theme, or choose something bold to make a strong statement in a room.

We have quite a few decorative pieces such as Italian paintings, wall lights, Italian table lamps, cabinets, Italian console tables, armchairs, Italian mirrors, and commodes. The Italian interpretation of antiques is quite unique and can add an exciting vibe to a decor.

At Brownrigg, we have segregated our collection into themes as well as by type. We have Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish and English furniture items and artefacts all under one roof at our thriving centre for antiques and interiors in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. We are home to a classic variety of antique furniture, decorative antiques and painted antiques.

Do visit us to have a look at the many beautiful options, you will definitely leave inspired!