6 December 2019

What is Gustavian Swedish furniture?

The Gustavian style got its name from King Gustav III of Sweden. Gustavian is a furniture style that draws inspiration from the French Neoclassicism.

Why the French influence?

King Gustav was a patron of arts. He held a keen interest in all things related to design and decoration. The French influence was largely due to the Palace of Versailles, which made a significant impression on King Gustav III during one of his visits. The impressive artwork inspired the King to actually create a Paris of the North in the late 17th century.

Although Gustavian furniture pieces have similar proportions to French styles, the colour palette is usually quite muted. Wood options are versatile and include carved woods such as birch, beech and pine. In spite of the influence of French designs, Gustavian furniture held their own well and are unreservedly Swedish. While the influence certainly inspired the designs, the style evolved well with pieces that are stunningly unique and true to their origin.

At Brownrigg Interiors, we have a great range of Swedish antiques, including some beautifully painted options. Authentic Swedish Gustavian antiques such as chairs, mirrors, chandeliers, clocks, benches, linen and more. All the pieces are stunning yet functional and can easily be put to good use whilst adding their effortless charm to your spaces.