8 April 2020

French ceramics and pottery vases

French ceramics and pottery vases

Ceramics have always been a classic decorative element in the home that has never really fallen out of favour. Within French decorative items, ceramics also have a rich history. The French ceramic industry underwent a drastic transformation during the late nineteenth century. With an aim to make sure that pottery vessels be regarded as works of art, some of the avant-garde ceramists of the time evolved their craft to achieve this aim – resulting in the fine French decorative antiques we find today.

The Art Nouveau period introduced simplicity to the designs and a break from tradition. A new and modern design concept, experimenting with clean lines, symmetry, and the use of modern materials, During this time, decorative arts also laid emphasis on uniqueness and craftsmanship. Japanese, Chinese and Asian stoneware also provided inspiration, a hard and dense pottery style, with new techniques and glazes. Even including Gothic design elements from the past, ceramic art was producing something modern and new. This broad and free concept of modern ceramic design has lead to the creation of some wonderful decorative antiques, often sitting in stark contrast to the traditional items of their era, yet equally well-placed on top of a traditional antique dresser or table.

Brownrigg Interiors is home to a classic variety of modern and antique ceramics, ranging from antique Hispano-Morisc pottery to 20th-century ceramic pieces from Picasso and Jean Cocteau. At Brownrigg we keep on searching for the best antique ceramics to suit our discerning clients. Apart from beautiful French ceramics we also have English, Asian, Spanish and other continental pieces that often include Wedgwood, lusterware, vases, and bowls.

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