8 June 2020

An English wingback leather armchair

English wing back leather armchair

Furniture of the mid 20th century continues to grace contemporary homes with its elegant presence and beauty. A large comfy stuffed armchair has long been a common element in many a home, and if you can get your hands on a good condition, iconic antique piece of furniture such as this, then your decor will benefit from its inclusion.

If you are looking for a piece of fine furniture from the last century, we have in our collection a classic 1940s/50s English wingback leather armchair. Deep buttoned leather chairs are a classic piece of furniture from the mid 20th century. This Georgian taste armchair is a good quality piece in a lovely colour that has retained its original deep buttoned leather. This armchair shows hardly any signs of age and is in excellent condition.

We have a good stock of similar leather armchairs and sofas, some original, some reupholstered, and we can also get armchairs and sofas refurbished in any way you require.

1940s/50s English wingback leather armchair

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