6 July 2020

French antique mirrors

French antique mirrors

Mirrors mirrors on the wall, want one from the prettiest of them all?

Brownrigg Antiques has a treasure trove of mirrors from the world of antiques that will undoubtedly be one of the most stunning focal points in your décor.

What makes them stand out? For starters, these are antique, and age looks good on mirrors, making them all the more charming and alluring! Then if you explore the collection, you will find beautiful mirrors that are all unique and different from each other, individual and elegant at the same time.

French, Venetian or Swedish, you name it, and we have it. Each and every piece chosen by us and beautifully showing off the unique design elements true to the design era that it belongs to. The designs are beautiful and are such that they will sit well in contemporary homes as well. Stun your guests with a collection of sunburst mirrors!

Our collection of mirrors includes gorgeous options from the 18th to the mid 20th century. These are in various shapes and forms, and you will find everything from ornate and decorative to minimalist and even pairs of antique mirrors. There are 18th and 19th-century French antique mirrors, Empire mirrors, 19th-century silver gilded mirrors and Venetian mirrors.

A choice from amongst our unique options with their elegant appearance and excellent provenance will sit well in the contemporary decor. Please visit us to have a look.

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