7 September 2020

Joseph André Motte armchairs

Joseph André Motte armchairs

Joseph-André Motte was one of the most prolific post-war French designers whose work was a true reflection of his unique approach towards designing. His designs saw the use of industrial materials and modern experimental forms which were an absolute deviation from the traditional decorative approach to French furniture design. Motte was instrumental in pioneering a contemporary aesthetic which he believed could positively improve the society at large during the post-war era.

He was very well known for his large-scale public space designs across the country with work spanning from regal venues such as the Louvre to spaces as quotidian as the Parisian metro. His furniture designs beautifully showcased a French allegiance to sophistication and elegant living. He laid great emphasis on creating affordable designs to suit the changing world.

At Brownrigg Antiques, we have a few stunning examples of Motte furniture. Have a look at the pairs of his iconic chairs in fresh colours that will sit comfortably well in the contemporary decor.

If you wish to come and see these for yourselves, our showroom is now open and we can arrange appointments while keeping proper social distancing norms in place.

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