6 October 2020

Vintage antique furniture: sets of Spanish frames

Vintage antique furniture: sets of Spanish frames

Are you thinking of adourning a room with decorative frames as a focal point or after some assorted decorative accents? Why settle for a single frame when you can have multiple for maximum impact? Gathering versatile decorative frames can bring in a magical impact on your interiors and is the simplest of creative and useful design tricks.

If you have a feature wall in a different colour tone, having a group of frames will create a great focal point and at the same time will make a sophisticated decorative statement. Curating prints or art that conform to a particular theme or colour palette can make this sophisticated display for you. Hanging art of different sizes in a group together will make one cohesive display.

We have recently added this set of 9, late 18th and 19th century Spanish framed tiles that will make a stunning display when put up together. This charming collection of ceramic tiles is from the Cataluña region. These are in various sizes and showcase an elegant group of blue and white designs that will make a perfect focal point in most interiors.

You can also create an interesting focal point with a grouping of small mirrors that make up an attractive decorative addition as well.

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