8 November 2020

French champagne bucket

French champagne bucket

If you love your champagne or sparkling wines, you should consider a luxurious and decorative accessory to go along with it. A classic champagne bucket is one such option.

A champagne bucket is an item that many love to add to their collection time and again. There are many sleek modern options available, but the charm of a good old classic wooden one remains unmatched.

Check out this 1950s French Champagne Bucket, and you will understand what we mean. This champagne bucket is in the shape of a barrel and can fit in two bottles. The brass straps and handles add to the overall classic appeal of the piece. This unique piece is signed Geraud Lafitte, 1933 and made for Champagne producer “Abel Lepitre”, Reims, France.

A classic piece like this is bound to make a fine option, especially when you are entertaining guests. We have several similar beautiful decorative antique accessories in our collection.

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