8 January 2021

Antique indoor statues

Antique indoor statues

More often than not people believe that when it comes to incorporating antiques into home decor you are limited to using them as a statement piece. When we think of antiques it is usually about flamboyant antique items that will grab the eye. However, antiques can be used beautifully as accent pieces as well – especially antique indoor statues!

Introducing an antique statue in your decor as a subtle accent piece can make a powerful artistic impact too. Contemporary style, unlike its modern counterpart, takes inspiration from different time periods to create an eclectic environment. So if you have a place with sleek, simple furniture it can be combined with artistic details to create an appealing space.

We have a versatile selection of carvings and statues in our collection that will turn your home into an eclectic mix of the traditional and modern. Our variety of antique indoor statues includes figures and animal carvings in stone, marble, and wood including carved wooden panels, large figure statues and wall sconces that can easily blend into any setting, be it classical or contemporary.

There are decorative antiques available in different forms and sizes that will look great as statement pieces and there are also those that will suit well as accent pieces.

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