8 March 2021

Beautiful collection of Spanish, French and Italian mirrors

Antique mirrors are rich, classic and dramatic to say the least. The most important feature of a decorative antique mirror is the frame, as it has a great decorative impact on your decor as a whole. It is the frame that transforms a mirror from a simple one to the kind that is packed with a decorative punch.

At Brownrigg Antiques we have a wonderful collection of antique mirrors that are available in many different shapes and sizes. There are some that are simpler with less lavish mouldings, some that have dramatic frames, and some with a more geometric look. If you are looking for pairs or clusters, we have those too with which you can create a beautiful decorative ensemble.

Large mirrors are exceptionally functional and can be used to create an illusion of space. A large mirror in a small room for instance can easily make the room appear bigger in size. If you want to brighten the room what better way than a mirror to reflect light? The antique distressed, mottled look of the mirrors adds a visual aesthetic to your space that is both unique and elegant.

We have some fabulous options in our collection, which includes 18th to mid-20th-century antique mirrors, round and oval mirrors, antique mirror pairs, French antique mirrors, Empire mirrors, silver gilded mirrors, Venetian mirrors, painted mirrors, and more.

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