11 May 2021

Interior design and antiques

Interior design and antiques

Good quality antique pieces can bring a real sense of timelessness, along with a touch of class and quality, to the decor in a range of spaces. The perfect piece of antique furniture can be an absolutely otherworldly addition to your home.

Brownrigg Interiors is the go-to destination for interior designers, decorators, and private clients alike. We have been working with interior decorators for some time now and hugely appreciate the mammoth of knowledge and inspiration that is gained from each and every one of them.

Decorating with antiques is another ball game in itself. It is not always a cake walk to find the right balance between the old and the new to create a cohesive look. From how our antiques have been used in designs by decorators and from what we know works well, here is what we have to share about working with antiques in your home.

Limit the number of styles of eras that you mix. As long as you find some common element and limit the mix of eras, there is no reason why a piece won’t work in your modern home. Always buy what you love. There are often many who think of antiques only as an investment. While this is a wise thought, when thinking of decorating and using a particular piece in your space it is always better to go for a piece that you absolutely love. While painted antiques are trending, being authentic is always better if you want to truly enjoy the beauty of a piece. Restricting restorations to a bare minimum is always better, as it allows you to retain the character of the piece to the fullest.

The Brownrigg shop in Tetbury, Gloucestershire houses a significant and representative selection of the stock that we hold. Viewing a piece in person is always recommended. Seeing and touching it lets you see for yourself how well it’s aged, while letting you gain a true feel for its personality.

If you’d prefer to go the online route, this website has additional stock as well, most of which is held in our nearby warehouse facility. We also have a ‘Room View’ option for most of our products to see them in your own space.

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