14 July 2021

A new website for Brownrigg

Today we’re thrilled to be launching the new Brownrigg website. This has been completely redesigned, with particular focus on easing and enhancing the user experience. Our aim, particularly with the painful experience of lockdown and being trapped at home, is to maximise the ability of clients to look at pieces through the website, bringing the level of detail and confidence that is needed for decisions to be made remotely.

But fear not… the showroom in Tetbury is not going anywhere as it is a vital part of how we curate and display our stock and clients are always welcome to visit in person.

Much of the stock has been re-photographed and a key feature of the new site is larger and clearer photographs which mean that clients are able to see pieces in sufficient detail that it really is only a step away from the experience of seeing it in the shop. Most importantly, this should be the same whether you are using a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. We have also enhanced our ‘try it now’ tool so that you can visualise how a piece will look in the room or space you are considering it for.

The new site (and its array of Jorge’s new photography) was mostly created during last winter’s lockdown, and it was a process that gave us a chance to pause and reflect on what really makes ‘the Brownrigg look’ unique. In many ways it comes down to a lack of boundaries in terms of genre and period, a restless creative spirit and a sense of occasion. The right chair in the right place for the right moment. A table that shouldn’t go with a certain sort of lamp, yet does. A fantastic piece of 18th century sculpture that sits perfectly against a paint colour, fabric or wallpaper from one of the many makers and designers that we all love to follow. It’s a special alchemy and our role and the role of the website is to help you create a mix that is completely personal to you.

We hugely value your reactions and thoughts on all that we do, so please let us know how the new site works for you.

George, David & James

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