25 August 2021

Things of Elegance: Antique Cabinets and Bookcases

Antique bookcases are one of the most elegant examples of antique furniture, owing to their strong and lasting design, elegant aesthetics and decorative flair. These beautiful bookcases come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, with each and every style having its own unique and elegant personality.

The Georgian breakfront style of bookcase for instance is one of the most sought-after styles, which continues to be popular to date. This style of bookcase often features a tall bookcase with glass doors at the top and enclosed base sections. These are generically termed as library bookcases or even cabinets. The breakfront style of bookcase that gained popularity in the 1700s continued to be made even into the latter half of the 18th century owing to the aesthetic appeal

We have this gorgeous 19th Century English mahogany breakfront Library bookcase in the George III taste. Standing tall on a plinth base this beautiful bookcase with its rich shade of brown has got it all! The fine detailing adds subtly to the charm of this piece which is bound to make a statement no matter how and where it is displayed.

Historically, open bookcases weren’t as popular as their stately counterparts. They are, however, quite desirable today as they are often smaller, more practical and less imposing than breakfront bookcases. The simpler lines make these suitable for contemporary homes too.

Here is a charming and stylish late 19th century English oak bookcase / shelving unit from the Ampleforth Estate, of very simple lines and a lovely colour.

A very rustic looking example that we hold in our collection is this charming 19th century French painted display cabinet / bookcase that has been scraped back to the original paint, which is a part of its appeal. This charming and rustic original painted bookcase will work well in a country house kitchen or library.

These English and French cabinets beautifully embody style and function. Antique bookcases are often very unique and architectural while the open shelves are charming and elegant. With their decorative flair these furniture pieces can add sophisticated elegance to any theme, be it your home or a commercial space.

We hope that you enjoy taking a look around our new website at the many different antique cabinets, shelves and bookcases that we have in store for you. Get in touch if you have anything particular in mind.