17 December 2021

Look what we found: A Classic English Chinoiserie Cupboard

Chinoiserie is a décor style that has been around for centuries. The most famous example amongst decorative antiques are probably the iconic blue and white jar with chinoiserie elements. The word chinoiserie originates from the French word Chinois, which means “Chinese”. Although the name sounds Chinese, interestingly the origins of this style are more of a European interpretation of East Asian design style. This style flourished during the 17th and 18th centuries, a time when trade with Asia was at its peak.

A great respect for Asian art and culture was developed amongst Europeans during this period, which led to Europeans creating their own version of these East Asian designs. The ornamental rococo style of Europe was a beautiful match for the fancy designs of chinoiserie. This style of furniture gained so much popularity that it wasn’t long before it was also gracing the palaces of King Louis XV and King George IV.

As well as decorative antique accessories, there were classic examples of decorative antique furniture in this style as well. Check out this quality English Chinoiserie Cupboard / Wardrobe that has recently arrived in our collection. Elegant in black with stunning rendition of the Chinoiserie designs, this wardrobe of elegant proportions from the early 20th century will sit beautifully even in contemporary décor styles. The cupboard is in very good condition and still retains its original chinoiserie lacquer decoration.

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