7 October 2022

Bring Royal Charm to your Bedroom with a Pair of French Mirrors

Antique mirrors are always a beautiful inclusion in contemporary décor. They are not only full of charm but also serve a functional purpose. Using mirrors in pairs can prove to be a great decorative accessory. Be it to open up a space, add light or make the space appear glamorous, antique mirrors can fulfil all these purposes with utmost charm. Pairs of mirrors can be placed opposite each other to create an illusion of space, or even above the bed in your bedroom. The best use of antique pairs of mirrors can be in a bathroom that has 2 sinks. Matched pairs will no doubt look interesting and the ones from the old world will just add a whole lot to the drama of the space.

Antique mirrors in pairs in great condition are not so easily found but we have some stunning and very versatile matching mirrors in our collection here at Brownrigg.

If you are looking for something unique and classic looking, here is a very elegant pair of early 20th-century English oval mirrors of small size in the Adams Taste. This pair retains its original bevelled mirror plates.

A seamless fit for a contemporary décor is this charming and stylish pair of mid-20th century French rattan mirrors in excellent condition.

Another classic is this pair of 1950s English circular black and gilt mirrors in the Regency taste.

Brownrigg has a wonderful selection of antique mirrors, from the 17th century onwards. You can choose from amongst a beautiful collection of 18th and 19th-century French antique mirrors, Empire mirrors, silver gilded mirrors, Venetian mirrors, and painted mirrors. We retain our original mercury glass wherever possible. Follow the links to have a look at these charming options.