9 November 2022

1940s French Centre Table

One of the most wonderful things about antique tables is the incredible variety on offer. From small and compact pieces to big and bulky farmhouse tables, there will always be a table perfect for the space in which you wish to utilise it.

We recently added a truly gorgeous table to our collection which we are sure will be a fabulous addition to the right home. This very stylish 1940s French centre table/desk in bleached oak is a stunning piece of furniture that will work very well in a contemporary setting.

Its unique legs give it an amazingly elegant look. But they don’t just look good – these legs also make the table incredibly sturdy and stable. Whether used mainly as a decorative piece, or put to work taking a heavy load of items, the table has the appearance to sit and look good as well as strength to handle regular use.

In the 1940s centre tables were more used as a showpiece or for snacks and beverages when there were guests over. But today, tables are much more than that. They are our storage, they are our laptop stand and at times even our chair. But this centre table can fit all of these modern day requirements.

If you are fond of wooden furniture, specifically antique tables, we know that you will simply love this one. Follow the link above to have a look at it.