11 January 2023

French Antique Chairs

French antique chairs are gorgeous pieces, with many falling in love at first sight! You only need to have a look at a few examples to believe it. Dating back to the medieval period, these chairs have become modernised over time, but their inherent characteristics remain the same. Each chair looks different and can make you fall in love with itself. The basic wood used was typically chestnut, walnut, mahogany, and oak amongst others, bringing fantastic character.

French chairs are known for their arm rests that catch the attention of the viewer. While they look pretty, they are also extremely comfortable to sit in. With less deep curves, it gives the perfect posture for sitting. Some of these chairs were designed for Royalty and hence still carry a regal appeal. While some have curved legs, others have straight ones. Even the backs of each chair are different. Some have cushions that make it fluffy, while others feature cane backs.

The extremely vintage antique French chairs are caved with flourishes to enhance the beauty of the chair. A lot of French chair designs can be reproduced and still look authentic, yet the feel of an antique can never be reproduced. The wood used in the chair had to be carved and shaped very accurately to allow the chair to be sturdy and long lasting.

These chairs can be paired with modern or antique furniture, and they will still stand out in the crowd. Although French antique chairs can be relatively expensive, they will make a statement in the room that will make the cost worth it.