3 February 2023

Designing a Living Room with Antique Sofas

If you are looking to add an intriguing visual to your living room interior, blend modern decor with antique furniture. It adds a unique contrast, with varying colours, textures and styles. One particularly fantastic way to take your living room to the next level is the addition of an antique sofa. Here are our tips on how to make an antique sofa work well in your living room:

1. Repetition
Introducing many different elements can result in more confusion than beauty. One way to avoid this is by keeping at least one thing repetitive in your living room – either colours or shapes. For example, if you have plenty of eclectic accessories, decorations and art work it may be a good idea to make sure your sofa and other furniture is the same colour as your walls, which will bring a lovely sense of balance to the room.

2. Oversized antiques
Even if your living room is comparatively smaller you could get away with using a larger sofa in the room. This will make your living room look grand even if the space is small. Use the right shapes to give it a sense of completion.

3. Mix and match
Always follow the right balance of mix and match. If you are keen on antique sofas and furniture, make sure there is a part of the décor that is contemporary or modern. When done correctly, this offers a wonderful sense of harmony.

4. Anchor piece
In most living rooms the anchor piece will be the sofa. Choose your favourite sofa before you indulge in all sorts of other furniture and décor. Do not let the impact of the sofa be reduced by overwhelming the place with other impactful things – use your sofa as the highlight and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Patterns
Once you have your antique sofa in place, you can try introducing different colours and patterns which contrast with the sofa. Rugs, curtains, cushions and throws can be used to great effect as long as you don’t edge into the room feeling overwhelming.

Adding a blast from the past to your living room using an antique sofa is a great way to make your room look visually appealing. There may be many different ways to go about decorating the rest of the room – choose what works best for you in terms of space and choice. At Brownrigg we have a lovely range of antique sofas and chairs just waiting to be introduced to your living room. Browse our collection today.