3 March 2023

Basic Guide to Collecting Antique Ceramics

Like any other types of antiques, ceramics also have their own marking system that differentiate old from new and antique from modern. The mark can usually be found on the bottom of the piece. Whether you are looking to collect antique ceramics or to sell any you may already have, it is important to know the authenticity of the product.

Earlier ceramics were made by hand, with the wheel making process coming much much later. The design on the ceramic and the cuts of the wheel can give you a hint as to which era the antique ceramics belong to. Ceramic making or pot making are all part of art and it is important to value and know the value of your art.

Getting your ceramics checked by a professional to know the exact date, origin and other relevant information is always better and easier as they know what exactly to look for. As well as the age of the ceramic, they will also be able to tell you if your piece of art is a part of a pair or a set and its exact valuation today.

Like any other antique items, ceramics also, if they can be restored they may still hold a great value in today’s world. Of course, ceramics that have a designer mark and are in a better condition hold more value but that doesn’t mean damaged ones don’t hold any value. Antique ceramics can be appraised every now and then, which means something that doesn’t have a value now but will definitely have a great value in future.

Browse our range of antique ceramics and we’re sure you’ll find your new favourite piece.