3 April 2023

Antique Farmhouse Tables

The early farmhouse table was portable in nature. It consisted of a large plank of wood laid upon a stand-like fixture. Once the meal was done, this table could be moved away. Modern farmhouse tables evolved from this design.

Farmhouse-style decoration means using all-natural elements to give it a countryside look. Rustic materials and neutral shades help achieve the right farmhouse look in your home or garden.

A farmhouse table is meant to provide a rustic and natural feel to any room. The basic look of a farmhouse table has remained the same – a chunky piece of wooden plank along with sturdy wooden legs. The wood used could be pine or oak, and various other wood types since they are strong and their natural colour matches the theme.

While the colour of the wood remains naturally rustic, the legs or base may be painted to add an extra charm to the table.

Although not pertaining to its name, antique farmhouse tables are mainly used as dining tables within the house. They are so-called because of their look and feel that they add to your dining room. Farmhouse tables are heavy but practical. They do not need to be moved from one place to another very often. They will find a spot for themselves and stay put for a very long time. Farmhouse tables usually do not have leaves at the sides. They are one solid piece of wood on top. It is the legs or base of the table that completely changes its look, especially to match any kind of interior decor.

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