4 September 2023

The Use of Antique Mirrors as Decorative Items

If you think about it, mirrors have been around since pretty much the dawn of time, in the form of reflective surfaces such as water.

During prehistoric times, the first mirrors were pools and puddles of dark, still water collected in some sort of vessel. When discussing manufactured mirrors, the earliest ones were found in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) and can be dated back to 6000 BCE. These were pieces of obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass.

Mirrors have always been used for the purpose of grooming, hence the name “looking glass”. However, that is not the only purpose they serve. A highly overlooked one is for decorative purposes. You would be surprised to see how much of a difference a beautiful antique mirror can add to a painfully drab room. The inclusion of Venusian mirrors in a powder room can make a very strong statement. Placing a large wall mirror in a small room can create the illusion of space. Simultaneously, if kept in a dark and gloomy room, it will instantly brighten up the space. Moving beyond the practical use of a mirror, you will find that a well-sourced, authentic antique mirror will indefinitely add instant elegance, luxury, and charm to any space.

Any antique piece, even a mirror, invokes a ton of curiosity in the minds of beholders. So if you are someone who entertains quite a bit, do not be surprised if the primary topic of conversation with your guests ends up being the antique mirror you have acquired.