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Outstanding Mid C20th Large Round Dining Table

Ref 14905

Good Pair of 19th Cent Painted Pine Bookcases

Ref 14904

Fine Set of Eight 19th Century Upholstered Dining Chairs

Ref 14903

19th Century French Ebonised Bookcase

Ref 14902

Wonderful 19th Century French Gueridon in Burl Wood

Ref 14901

Good set of Six Italian Painted and Gilded Chairs

Ref 14900

18th Century Bleached Oak Display Cabinet

Ref 14898

Stylish Pair of 1950s/60s French Sisal Armchairs

Ref 14897

1940s French Ebonised Bouillotte Table

Ref 14896

Rare Early 20th Cent Merry Go Round Cat

Ref 14895

Wonderful Early 19th Century French Centre Table / Gueridon

Ref 14894

18th Century Continental Walnut Commode

Ref 14893

18th Cent French Louis XV Period Marquetry Bureau / Desk

Ref 14892

Unusual 19th century Italian Painted and Carved Wood Italian Four Fold Screen

Ref 14891

Late 18th Century French Directoire Period Fauteuil

Ref 14888

1970s Two Tier Occasional / Coffee Table

Ref 14887

Outstanding Set of 12 Spanish Steel and Brass Dining Chairs

Ref 14886

18th Cent English Corner Cupboard in Pine

Ref 14885

Very Rare Pair of Early 20th Cent Merry Go Round Lion and Lioness

Ref 14884

19th Cent French Sofa / Bench in the Louis XVI Taste

Ref 14883

Unusual Arts and Crafts Occasional Table with Revolving Bookcase

Ref 14882

Good Pair of 19th Century English Mahogany Chiffoniers

Ref 14881

Late 18th Century French Directoire Six Legged Sofa

Ref 14880

Outstanding Set of 12 Spanish Steel and Brass Dining Chairs

Ref 14879

19th Cent French Mahogany Desk with Brushing Slides

Ref 14876

1930s Swedish Sycamore Bookcase

Ref 14875

18th Century French Directoire Commode

Ref 14874

Stylish Pair of 1960s/70s French Table Lamps in Brass

Ref 14873

19th Century French Mahogany Centre Table

Ref 14872

Set of Three Spanish Mid 20th century Sunburst Mirrors

Ref 14871

Late 19th Cent Large English Copper& Brass Country House Log Basket

Ref 14870

Late 19th Century English Country House Fireplace

Ref 14868

19th Century English Overmantle Mirror

Ref 14866

Large 1970s French Two Tier Brass & Glass Coffee Table

Ref 14864

Mid 20th Century French Desk in the Empire Taste

Ref 14863

Pair of Early 20th Cent Painted Bronze Thai Budhas as Table Lights

Ref 14861

Early 19th Century Charles X French Commode in Figured Ash

Ref 14860

C18th English Georgian Cuban Mahogany Tripod Table with a wonderful colour

Ref 14858

Mid 20th century French Dining Table

Ref 14857

Pair of 19th Century Italian Giltwood candlesticks adapted as table lamps

Ref 14856

Wonderful Pair of Large 19th Century Plaster Statues

Ref 14853

Superb 18th Century French Louis XVI Period Walnut Cylinder Desk

Ref 14852

Mid 20th Cent Louvre Museum Cast " Aphrodite with Necklace"

Ref 14851

Very Comfortable Late C19th English Two Seater Sofa

Ref 14850

Wonderful Early C20th Louis XV Painted French Folding Screen

Ref 14849

Set of Six French Louis XVI (And Later) Dining / Occasional Chairs

Ref 14848

Late 18th Century French Louis XVI Period Barometer

Ref 14847

Early 19th Cent French Empire Walnut Desk Chair

Ref 14846

19th Century Spanish 12 Arm Glass Chandelier

Ref 14845

Outstanding Large 18th Century French Oak Enfilade

Ref 14844

Large Pair of 19th Century English Oil Lamps

Ref 14843

Fine Quality Early 19th Century French Empire Sofa in Walnut

Ref 14842

Fine pair of 1950s French Bedside Tables in Walnut

Ref 14840

1970s Spanish Valenti Table Lamp with the Original Shade

Ref 14839

Good 19th Century French Walnut Commode

Ref 14838

1970s Italian Chrome Console Table

Ref 14837

Late 19th Century Wooden Folding Screen

Ref 14836

1940s French Ebonised Commode in the Louis XVI Taste

Ref 14832

Louis XVI Italian Walnut Commode

Ref 14829

1920s French Painted Small Sofa

Ref 14828

1920s French Ebonised Dessert Console Table in the Louis XVI Taste

Ref 14826

18th Cent French Louis XV Commode of Small Proportions

Ref 14825

Set of Six 1960s Danish Dining Chairs

Ref 14824

Large 1970s Square Two Tier Coffee Table

Ref 14821

Large Pair of "Nieuw Delfts" Wall Plates

Ref 14819

Swedish Gustavian Period Tragsofa in Original Paint

Ref 14818

19th Century French Ebonised Enfilade in the Louis XVI Taste

Ref 14817

Wonderful 19th Century French Console Table in the Louis XV Taste

Ref 14816

Pair of 18th Century Delft Polychrome Pottery Plates

Ref 14815

Early 19th Century French Elm Buffet

Ref 14814

19th Century French Elm Serving Table

Ref 14813

Late 18th / Early 19th Cent Delft Blue and White Garniture Set

Ref 14812

Pair of Late 19th century French Bronze Mounted Ceramic Vases

Ref 14811

Pair of Mid 20th Century Italian Walnut Bedside Tables

Ref 14809

Very Unusual Early 19th Cent French Yew Wood Oval Centre Table

Ref 14807

Large Pair of 1970s Wall Lights in the Style of Bagues

Ref 14806

Late 19th century Framed painted canvas depicting The Port of Nantes

Ref 14805

Good Pair of 1940s French Painted Bergere Chairs

Ref 14804

Rare Pair of very Large Italian Late 19th Cent Country House Display Easels

Ref 14802

Pair of 19th Cent French Mahogany Bergere Armchairs

Ref 14799

1970s Spanish Two Tier Coffee Table in Brass

Ref 14798

19th Cent French Louis philippe Bleached Gueridon

Ref 14797

Late 18th Cent Italian Commode

Ref 14796

18th Century and later French Painted Cabinet

Ref 14795

Outstanding Early 19th Cent English Country House Regency Sofa

Ref 14794

Wonderful Pair of C18th French Painted Louis XVI Fauteuils

Ref 14793

Large 19th Century French Bleached Oak Bookcase

Ref 14792

Very stylish 1950s French Enfilade by Charles Ramos

Ref 14788

18th Century French Commode in Burr Elm and Walnut

Ref 14787

Early 20th Cent Gilt Metal Italian Wall Vitrine

Ref 14786

Pair of 1950s Spanish X Frame Stools

Ref 14785

18th Century French Louis XVI Mahogany Commode

Ref 14784

Wonderful Pair of Very Large Scale Glazed Ceramic Lamps

Ref 14780

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Italian Wicker Chairs

Ref 14779

Wonderful Late 19th Cent French Napoleon III Ebonised Bookcase

Ref 14773

Large 1950s /60s Spanish Hanging / Wall Light

Ref 14772

Charming Late 18th Cent Georgian Kneehole Desk ( later elements )

Ref 14770

18th Century French Buffet in Walnut

Ref 14769

Very Large 1950s Manises Ceramic Table Lamp

Ref 14765

Smart Pair of 1920s English Polished Brass Round Mirrors

Ref 14764

Pair of 1920s French Wrought Iron Console Tables

Ref 14760

Elegant Pair of Early 19th Cent Italian Girandoles

Ref 14758

George III English Mahogany Bow Front Chest of Drawers

Ref 14755

Chic Pair of 1970s Folding Bar Stools in Bamboo

Ref 14753

Good Pair of 19th Cent French Louis Philippe Buffets

Ref 14750

Stylish Pair of 1960s Italian Standing Lights in Brass

Ref 14749

1950s French Four Drawer Commode with Sycamore Veneers

Ref 14745

Pair of Mid 20th Cent Spanish White Glazed Terracotta Hanging Lights

Ref 14744

Large C19th English Country House Gilded Mirror in the Chippendale Taste

Ref 14738

19th Century French Kingwood Writing Desk in the Louis XV Taste

Ref 14737

Pair of 19th cent English Regency Hall Chairs in Mahogany

Ref 14736

Wonderful and Very Comfortable Pair of 1930s French Armchairs

Ref 14735

A fine quality 18th Cent French Louis XVI Demi-Lune Console Table

Ref 14733

19th Century French Wrought Iron Umbrella Stand

Ref 14731

Set of Six 1970s French Bamboo Dining Chairs

Ref 14729

Wonderful Pair of 19th Cent Chinese Console Tables

Ref 14725

Late 18th Century French Desk Armchair

Ref 14723

Beautiful 1940s Spanish Eight Arm Glass Chandelier

Ref 14720

Large 1950s/60s Spanish Gilt Metal Sunburst

Ref 14719

Beautiful Mid 20th Cent Sicilian Head Planter

Ref 14718

Late 19th / Early 20th century Chinese Export Coromandel Folding Screen

Ref 14716

Mid to Late 20th Cent Life size Wooden Artist Lay Figure

Ref 14714

19th Century English Saddle Rack Mounting Block from Outfitters

Ref 14712

Wonderful 18th Century Large Madonna & Child in Fruitwood

Ref 14709

Circa 1940s French Six Light Chandelier

Ref 14708

Fine 1950s French Desk in the Directoire Taste

Ref 14707

Set of Five 1950s/60s Spanish Sunburst Mirrors

Ref 14878

1980s Spanish Brass Covered Frame in the Manner of Dubarry

Ref 14869

1970s Spanish Wrought Iron Gilded Standard Lamp

Ref 14865

1970s French Glass top coffee Table

Ref 14859

Early 20th century Cast Iron Irish Stick/ Umbrella Stand

Ref 14854

Early 18th Cent Bohemian Serpentine Walnut Commode

Ref 14833

Pair of 1940s French Painted Armchairs

Ref 14831

1950s French Leather Studded Folding Library Ladder

Ref 14830

Pair of Mid 20th Century Brass Mounted Demi Lune Ebonised Tables

Ref 14823

Large Late 19th Century English Lantern

Ref 14782

19th Century English Mahogany Hanging Cupboard

Ref 14781

1970s French Chrome Hanging Light

Ref 14774

Mid 20th Century Industrial Coffee Table

Ref 14771

Pair of 1970s Spanish Bamboo Table Lights

Ref 14767

Unusual 1960s Spanish Martini Table

Ref 14759

Mid 20th Cent Spanish White Glazed Terracotta Single Hanging Light

Ref 14748

Pair of Mid 20th Century Spanish Wall Lights

Ref 14746

1950s French Cut Glass Baccarat Table Lamp

Ref 14741

Late 19th Century French Napoleon III Card / Side Table

Ref 14740

Wonderful and Very Comfortable Pair of 1930s French Armchairs

Ref 14734

18th Century French Commode Armchair

Ref 14732

A large African Kuba cloth panel

Ref 14715