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Wonderful set of 12 Mid 20th Century Dining Chairs

Ref 13993

Charming set of two Late 19th Century Painted Terracotta Pugs

Ref 13992

Large 1940s Oil on Board Nude

Ref 13990

Set of Two Late 19th century Painted Terracotta Pugs

Ref 13989

Outstanding Pair of 19th Century French Console Tables

Ref 13988

Unusual 18th Century Swedish Mora Clock with Cuckoo

Ref 13987

Outstanding and Large C19th English Bank of Chemist Drawers in original condition

Ref 13986

Large 1960s / 70s Spanish Brass Crab Box

Ref 13985

Large 19th Century English Apothecary Jar

Ref 13983

Large 19th Century Extra wide Country House English Armchair

Ref 13982

1960s French Brass Coffee Table in the Style of Maison Jansen

Ref 13980

19th Century English Fire grate in the 17th Cent Baroque Taste

Ref 13979

19th century French Cupboard in Original Paint

Ref 13978

Wonderful Pair of C19th Italian Silver Gilt Chairs

Ref 13976

Very Large 1940s French Vendange Table

Ref 13975

Carlo Carrà ( Quargneto,1881-Milano 1966 ) Mother & Son

Ref 13974

Wonderful Set of Six 1940s Faux Bamboo Gilded Metal Chairs

Ref 13973

19th century French Stone Balustrade Adapted as Table Lamp

Ref 13972

Spanish Cobblers Primitive Stools

Ref 13971

Fine 19th Cent Anglo Indian Penwork and Tortoiseshell Mirror

Ref 13970

Matched Pair of 19th Cent Venetian Mirrors

Ref 13969

Interesting Large Pair of Early 20th cent & Later Table Lamps

Ref 13968

19th Century Painted Gustavian Sofa in Original Paint

Ref 13967

Superb 1960s Leather and Rosewood Armchair by Sigurd Ressel

Ref 13966

Fabulous 1940s/50s Bright Yellow Metal Dining Table / Desk

Ref 13965

English metal rocking chair designed by R. W. Winfield

Ref 13963

Charming 1940s Oil on Canvas

Ref 13962

Good pair of 1960s Spanish Valenti Table lights

Ref 13960

Wonderful 19th Century Florentine Cushion Mirror

Ref 13959

18th Century Italian Corner Cupboard in Original Paint

Ref 13958

Pair of 19th Cent Ebonised Bookcases

Ref 13957

19th Century Venetian Mirror with Blue Glass

Ref 13956

Stylish Pair of 1930s Swedish Armchairs

Ref 13955

Pair of Console Tables designed by Jacques Adnet

Ref 13954

Stylish 1960s French Brass Drinks trolley

Ref 13953

Outstanding and very Large Late 18th / Early C19th Continental Country House Buffet

Ref 13952

1960s/70s Spanish Occasional / Martini Table

Ref 13951

1960s/70s Spanish Occasional / Martini Table

Ref 13950

1960s/70s Spanish Occasional / Martini Table

Ref 13949

Mid 20th cent French Oil on Board

Ref 13948

Pair of Late 19th century Japanese Export Campaign Chest

Ref 13947

Very Stylish 1970s Burr Root Maple Coffee Table

Ref 13946

Pair of Mid 20th century Spanish Wrought Iron Lamps

Ref 13945

Large 1960s/70s African Tapestry

Ref 13944

Large 1960s/70s Spanish Gilded Metal Mirror in the Classical taste

Ref 13943

1920s English Small Walnut Settee in the Queen Anne Taste

Ref 13941

Early C19th Italian Mahogany Serpentine Console Table

Ref 13940

Mid 20th Century Spanish Gilded Wrought Iron Standard Lamp

Ref 13937

Early 20th Cent French “ Bank of France “ Oak Desk

Ref 13936

Good 1940s/50s English Wingback Leather Armchair

Ref 13935

Large African Tapestry Wall Hanging

Ref 13932

Mid 20th Cent French Three Tier Oval Drinks Trolley

Ref 13931

Early 19th century English Mahogany Bank of Drawers

Ref 13929

Large 1960s Spanish Glass Table lamp

Ref 13928

19th Cent French Napoleon III Leather Armchair

Ref 13927

19th Century English Cast Iron Garden Urn

Ref 13925

Pair of 19th cent Framed Wax Seal collections

Ref 13924

Early 20th Century French Verdigris Table Lamp

Ref 13923

19th Century Framed Collection of Intaglios

Ref 13922

19th Century Collection of Plaster Intaglios

Ref 13921

Smart Pair of Mid 20th Cent Silver-plated Table Lamps

Ref 13920

Pair of Late 19 Century English Bleached Oak Armchairs

Ref 13919

C19th Swedish Folk Art trestle Table in Original Paint

Ref 13918

19th Cent Small Tilt Top Occasional Table

Ref 13916

C19th English Chinoiserie Tea Canister adapted into a Lamp

Ref 13915

1960s/70s Brass Drinks Trolley

Ref 13914

C19th English Chinoiserie Tea Canister Adapted as a Table Lamp

Ref 13913

Circa 1900 Continental Centre Table in Rosewood

Ref 13912

Pair of 19th century English Cast Iron Garden Urns

Ref 13911

19th Century English Three Tier Bleached Oak Buffet

Ref 13910

Pair of 19th Cent Table Lamps

Ref 13909

18th Century French Walnut Serpentine Commode

Ref 13908

Pair of 19th century Continental Ceramic Flower Vases

Ref 13907

Pair of 19th Cent French Walnut Mirrored Cabinets

Ref 13906

Large 19th cent English Country House Mahogany Console Table

Ref 13905

George III Mahogany Dumb waiter

Ref 13904

Early 19th Cent French Charles X Maple Commode

Ref 13902

Circa 1960s / 70s Spanish Faux Bamboo Magazine Rack

Ref 13900

A Grand C19th French Bronze mounted Bureau Plat

Ref 13895

Pair of 1920s French Bedside tables in Bleached Oak

Ref 13894

Stylish Pair of 1950s/60s Spanish Console tables

Ref 13892

1950s/60s French mounted Abstract Sculpture in Bronze

Ref 13891

Stylish Pair of 1950s/60s French Bronze Candelabra

Ref 13890

An C18th French Polychrome Commode

Ref 13889

Pair of Large 19th cent Chinese Armchairs in Elm

Ref 13877

Very Large Early 20th Cent Map Depicting Paris in 1740

Ref 13875

Late 19th / Early 20th Cent French Mahogany Commode in the Directoire Taste

Ref 13874

Small English Georgian Tray

Ref 13871

19th Century Country House Stand in Brass Two Pieces

Ref 13870

Large Pair of 1960s Spanish wall Lights

Ref 13867

Early 18th Century English Centre Table

Ref 13866

Outstanding Late 19th/ Early 20th century Chinoiserie Six Fold Screen

Ref 13865

18th Cent French Walnut Commode

Ref 13862

Superb Set of Four 19th Cent Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer Panels

Ref 13860

Early 19th century French Walnut Semainier

Ref 13859

1920s French Walnut and Gilt Mirror

Ref 13858

Early 19th century French Occasional Chair

Ref 13857

Fine quality C19th French Parquetry Gueridon from Paris

Ref 13856

18th Cent Painted Armoire in original Paint

Ref 13855

Late 19th cent French Mahogany Dessert Console Table

Ref 13852

19th Cent French Trestle Table in Oak

Ref 13850

Pair of 19th century Tole Chinoiserie Tea Canisters as Lamps

Ref 13849

A 1950s polished steel tripod stool with ducks head finials

Ref 13841

Good pair of 1970s French Three Tier Side Tables in Nickel

Ref 13840

A very unusual early 20th century set of bamboo brass mounted steps

Ref 13838

Pair of 1930s French Bedside Tables in Cherrywood

Ref 13831

Fine Quality Louis Philippe Burr Elm Side Table

Ref 13830

1960s French Brass Framed Leather Covered Bedside Table / Occasional Table

Ref 13829

1950s/60s Spanish Rhino Stool in Leather

Ref 13828

Late 19th cent French Mahogany Commode in the Louis XVI taste

Ref 13827

Stylish Pair of 1950s Italian Console Tables

Ref 13824

Pair of 1970s French Console Tables in Polished Nickel

Ref 13822

Very Unusual Pair of Large early C20th Swedish Armchairs in Birchwood

Ref 13819

Outstanding Pair of Late C19th French Mahogany Bookcases/ Display Cabinets

Ref 13818

Illum Wikkelsö Model ML-90 Three Seater Danish Sofa

Ref 13817

Early 19th Cent English Eight Legged Regency Sofa

Ref 13816

Stylish Mid 20th cent Spanish Mirror with Bevelled Glass Plate

Ref 13815

Good Pair of French Circa 1900 Rosewood Armchairs

Ref 13814

19th Cent French Farmhouse in Pine, Oak and Chestnut

Ref 13812

Fine Early 19th Cent Irish Regency Sofa in Rosewood

Ref 13811

Early 19th Cent French Directoire Commode

Ref 13810

Very Unusual Early 19th Cent French Charles X Elm Sofa

Ref 13809

19th Cent Spanish Chandelier in Terracotta

Ref 13808

Superb Bespoke Octagonal Regency Leather Stool / Coffee Table

Ref 13804

Pair of Mid 20th Cent French Leather Armchairs

Ref 13801

Superb 19th Cent French Walnut Dining table

Ref 13797

Charming Pair of Mid 20th century French Industrial Benches

Ref 13796

Charming pair of 19th cent French Painted Bookcases

Ref 13795

Large 19th century French Farmhouse Dining Table in Cherrywood

Ref 13794

Very Stylish French Glass Centrepiece by Daum Nancy

Ref 13994

Mid 20th Century Lemonade Jug

Ref 13991

1960s/70s French Painted Drinks Trolley

Ref 13981

19th Century Chinese Jar

Ref 13977

Mid 20th Cent French Silver-plated Standing Light

Ref 13942

Collection of 5 Original Picasso Framed Posters Dating from 1956-1990

Ref 13939

Pair of Late C19th Japanese Export Campaign Chest of Drawers

Ref 13938

Pair of 1970s Spanish Gilded Metal Oval Mirrors

Ref 13933

Mid 20th Cent French Pottery Vase

Ref 13930

Mid 20th Cent French Two Tier Oval Drinks Trolley

Ref 13926

Mid C20th Italian Silver plated Champagne/ Wine bucket on Stand

Ref 13879

Georgian Mahogany & Brass Tray

Ref 13873

Pair of 1950s/60s Italian table Lamps

Ref 13872

Pair of mid 20th cent Italian Wall Lights

Ref 13868

1960s folding steel tray top occasional table

Ref 13848

Pair of early 20th century Polished Brass Table lamps

Ref 13847

Pair of 1960/70s Italian beech lamps in the form of book presses

Ref 13845

1950s Spanish gilt metal coffee table

Ref 13844

1970 Italian walnut and brass adjustable table with dogs head finial

Ref 13842

Pair of Late 19th cent French Bedside Tables

Ref 13839

1950s French X framed Writing Table in the Directoire Taste

Ref 13835

Late 20th century Horn & Leather Occasional Table

Ref 13834

Pair of 1970 Leather and Brass Italian Standard Lamps

Ref 13832

Pair of 1940s French Ebonised Occasional Tables

Ref 13826

Pair of 1960s Later Ebonised and Gilded Mahogany Armchairs

Ref 13825

Large Pair of 19th Cent French Louis Philippe Demi lune Console Tables

Ref 13823

Circa 1910 English Demi lune Commode

Ref 13820

19th Cent French Window Seat

Ref 13807

Early 20th Cent French Wall Shelve/ Etagere

Ref 13805

Collection of 10 Circa 1950s/70s Spanish Sunburst Mirrors

Ref 13800