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Ceramics, Glass, Ornaments

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A Set of Three Moroccan Chargers

Ref 13585

Large Pair of 1960s Spanish Glazed Finials from the South of Spain

Ref 13630

Circa 1800 Large Anduze Pot Later Decorated

Ref 14564

Set of Five 1960s West German Ceramic Vases

Ref 12971

19th Century Spanish Kitchen Bowl

Ref 14419

Late C19th Terracotta Group

Ref 10983

Original Tema e Variazioni Fornasetti Plate

Ref 7789

Set of Two Late 19th century Painted Terracotta Pugs

Ref 13989

19th Cent French Faience Plate

Ref 8171

19th Century Spanish Glazed Ceramic Bowl

Ref 14421

Late 19th / Early C20th Sponge-Ware Vase

Ref 7557

Wonderful set of Six Early to Mid 20th Cent Turkish Vases

Ref 14415

Two Pairs of C19th Spanish Faience Armorial Tile Pictures

Ref 12122

19th Cent Blue and white Delft

Ref 6630

Fine 18th Cent Blue & White Large Dutch PLate

Ref 6355

18th Century French Moustier Plate

Ref 5931

18th Cent Dutch Blue and White Delft Plate

Ref 6344

Mid 20th Cent Glazed Studio Pottery Vase "Vallauris"

Ref 10220

Pair of 19th century Continental Ceramic Flower Vases

Ref 13907

Fine quality 19th Cent French Faience Dish

Ref 8307

Large 19th Cent Spanish Lebrillo from Triana

Ref 14414

Mid 20th Century French Lava Vase

Ref 14139

18th CenT Dutch Delft Plate

Ref 6336

Pair of 19th Cent Blue and White Delft Plates

Ref 6631

C19th Stoneware Baluster Tobacconist’s Shop Snuff Jar

Ref 9493

Wonderful Selection of 12 Late 18th and C19th Spanish Framed Tiles

Ref 13780

18th Century Spanish

Ref 5890

Large 19th/Early C20th Sponge-Ware Shop Butter Display Dish

Ref 7554

19th Century Spanish Ceramic Bowl

Ref 6880

18th Cent Dutch Delft Plate

Ref 6338

18th Century Provencal Truffle Dish

Ref 11398

Large 18th Cent English Blue & White Plate

Ref 6356

Early 20th cent French Pottery Vase

Ref 13511

Good Pair of 19th century Dutch framed Tiles

Ref 13676

After Goldscheider, Large Terracotta Jardiniere

Ref 14430

Group of 9 , Late 18th and 19th century Spanish Framed tiles

Ref 13753

Very unusual 19th century Spanish Lebrillo from Granada

Ref 14416

French Early 20th Century Painted Terracotta Pug

Ref 11515

Large 1950s French Art Pottery Vase with Crackle glaze finish

Ref 13203

Large mid 20th century Italian Terracotta Urn

Ref 14064

Large 18th Cent French Faience Plate

Ref 6349

19th Cent Blue and White Delft Plate

Ref 6632

Very Striking set of Five Mounted Ceramics

Ref 13264

18th Century Delft Blue and white Plate

Ref 6342

Large Mid 20th Cent Italian Ceramic Planter in the shape of a Shell

Ref 13338

Wonderful C1920s Ceramic Jug

Ref 6425

Pair of 1960s Spanish Glazed Finials from the South of Spain

Ref 13631

Charming Pair of Late 19th Cent Imari Vases / Lamps

Ref 14318

West German Stoneware Vase, 1970s

Ref 11454

Large 1970s Bobbin Shape Pottery Vase

Ref 14586
Antique and decorative ceramics. We offer a wide range of ceramics, ranging from antique Hispano-Morisc pottery to 20th century ceramic pieces from Picasso and Jean Cocteau. Other specialities include 15th to 19th century Spanish Pottery including Alcora ceramics, 18th and 19th century French Faience, 20th century studio pottery and ceramics. At Brownrigg @ Home we are constantly searching for the best antique ceramics to suit our discerning clients. Obviously our stocks of antique ceramics and rare ceramics vary but at most times we hold a great selection of English, Asian, Spanish and other continental pieces that often include Wedgwood, lusterware, vases and bowls. Based in Tetbury, Nailsworth and Petworth UK we buy and sell worldwide using reliable shippers who care.