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Ceramics, Glass, Ornaments

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Mid 20th century French Claret Jug

Ref 14922

Early 20th cent Silver and Cut Glass Water Jug

Ref 7115

Circa 1960s Drinks Cooler

Ref 6433

Very Stylish French Glass Centrepiece by Daum Nancy

Ref 13994

Early 20th Century Continental Lemonade Jug

Ref 14129

Fine Quality 1950s French Wine/ Champagne Bucket in Cut Glass

Ref 13331

Mid 20th Century Continental Lemonade Jug

Ref 14127

Mid 20th Century Continental Lemonade Jug

Ref 14128

Set of 15 Antique Chemist Bottles

Ref 9127

Good quality 1960s Glass Wine / Champagne Cooler

Ref 6567
We aim to offer a wide selection of antique and decorative glass.
Our stock usually includes old glass bottles, chemists bottles, antique glasses and vases. At Brownrigg we are constantly searching for the best antique glassware. Please contact us if you want us to help you find and particular antique glass items.