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Pair of 1960s/70s American Table Lamps

Ref 13055

1950s Lotus Bud Table Lamp by Maison Charles

Ref 12803

Rare Pair of 17th Century Wooden and polychrome Candlesticks

Ref 3893

Good 1960s Polished Steel Table lamp

Ref 7166

Pair of 19th cent French Candlesticks adapted as table Lamps

Ref 12898

Pair of 1970s Marble Table Lamps by Maison Charles

Ref 12801

Good pair of Late 19th Cent English Silver Plated Table Lamps

Ref 7255

Large Pair of 19th Century French Terracotta Table Lamps

Ref 9209

Pair of 19th century English Table Lamps

Ref 11367

1980s French Table Light

Ref 11961

Pair of 1970s Italian Glass Lamps

Ref 10178

Fine Pair of 18th cent Imari Table Lamps

Ref 10357

Circa 1950s French Table Lamp in the Style of Maison Charles

Ref 12853

Pair of 1970s Spanish Table Lamps in Brass

Ref 12212

Unusual 1950s Philips Desk Lamp

Ref 11711

1930s/40s Desk Lamp

Ref 11955

Good quality Pair of late 19th Cent English Brass Table Lamps

Ref 7254

Circa 1900/1910 English Brass Table Light

Ref 5983

A 1940's French Mercury glass lamp base

Ref 5499

Late 19th cent Sang de Boeuf Vase Table Lamp

Ref 12421

Large Pair of table Lamps

Ref 12754

Large 1960s Spanish Table Lamp

Ref 10562

Pair of 1960s French Lamps

Ref 12344

Sculpted Coral Table Lamp

Ref 11943

Unusual Pair of Faux Bamboo & Glass Table Lamps

Ref 11485

Original 1960s Maison Charles Table Lamp

Ref 12802

Good pair of Late 19th/ early 20th Cent English Table lights

Ref 7251

Contemporary Spanish pottery Table Lamp

Ref 12392

Pair of 19th century Carved Oak Table Lamps

Ref 12718

Pair of C19th French Gilt Bronze Mounted Celadon Vases as Table Lamps

Ref 13062

1940s/50s French Glass Table Lamp

Ref 12724

Fine pair of Early 19th Century French Directoire Table Lamps

Ref 7261

Stylish Late 20th cent Italian Ceramic Candle Holder

Ref 8096

Pair of Italian 19th Century Carved Table Lamps

Ref 10858

Set of Four C19th Carved Claws adapted as candlesticks

Ref 11759

Fine quality pair of 19th century French Table Lamps

Ref 7027

A French 1940's faux bamboo standard lamp.

Ref 5669

Stylish 1950s French Table Lamp with the Original Shade

Ref 7577

Stylish & Smart Pair of Mid 20th Cent Modern Table Lamps

Ref 12810

Good Pair of 1960s Spanish Table lamps

Ref 11283

Good quality Late 19th/ Early 20th Cent Table lamp

Ref 6916

A mid 20th Cent Modern French Lucite Table Lamp

Ref 12809

Set of Four Carrera Marble Lions Feet Table Lights

Ref 9394

Pair of mid 19th cent French Table Lamps

Ref 13053

1970s Brass Mounted Agate Lamp

Ref 11997

Pair of 1960s French Lamps

Ref 9579

Pair of 1930s Italian Painted Table Lamps

Ref 11664

Striking 1960s Alabaster Table Lamp

Ref 12164
Brownrigg, offers a good cross section of lighting. From antique wall sconces to table lamps.
We seem to be a useful source of lighting for interior designers who have come to reply on us for a good selection of antique and contemporary lighting be they table lamps, antique wall sconces, modern wall lamps, candlesticks or lanterns.