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Early 19th Cent English Regency Convex Mirror

Ref 12291

Collection of 10 Circa 1950s/70s Starburst Mirrors

Ref 12615

1960s French Oval Mirror

Ref 13431

Large 19th Cent French Oval Mirror in Tortoiseshell and Ebony

Ref 13341

Very Stylish 1970s Circular Rope Twist Gilt Brass Mirror

Ref 13428

Large Octagonal Flocked Black Convex Mirror

Ref 10378

Large Collection of Eleven 1970s Spanish Sunburst Mirrors

Ref 13543

1950s Italian White Cane Sunburst Convex Mirror

Ref 12108

Fine quality Art Deco Walnut Mirror

Ref 13422

Great Regency Giltwood Convex Mirror, Circa 1810

Ref 11827

A 19th century Swedish Carved Oak Mirror by A. Lundmark dated 1874

Ref 12881
At Brownrigg Interiors we usually have a great stock of antique wall mirrors, both gilded and painted mirrors from UK and France, Spain and Scandinavian countries.

Mirrors usually include starburst mirror and convex mirrors.